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Vendors -- Meet Florida Geriatric Care Managers

Remember the post on why vendors should do a better job of targeting geriatric care managers as a referral channel for their technology?  And of course, I hear all the time about how vendors want to get into the Florida market. Here's a chance to do both. I just got a brochure in the mail for the 2010 Annual Conference of the Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association, held at St. Pete Beach on January 15 & 16, 2010. Website is

The title of the event is "New Directions: Positioning Yourself for Success in Care Management."  ResponseLINK is a Bronze sponsor.  Overall sponsor includes BubbleWorld, Inc. Audio Visual Services. Somehow I am imagining that other sponsors wouldn't be turned down.  Deadline for reservations is 12/15/09.

Those of you who have indicated interest in above, go for it!










Laurie, I couldn't agree with you more. It's important for vendors to target the care management community and vice versa. As co-editor of an upcoming issue of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers Journal(NAPGCM - see issue dedicated to technology, and a dedicated follower of NAPGCM's list-serv, it appears that care managers are starting to get interested in technology to support aging in place. A few care managers are using various products (automated pill boxes, telecare, etc.), many are interested, and quite a few are skeptical. What is evident is that we all need more education about what is out there, and we need to partner with the technology vendors to develop, test, and identify the situations where these products can be beneficial. If a care manager has tried something out and seen it's effectiveness, that person will be an excellent "sales" person for your product, both to clients and colleagues.

Regarding conference, the recent Western Region NAPGCM conference in Boulder had a couple of technology vendors, but I was disappointed that there were so many many missing in action. As Laurie said, you will not be turned down! I would like to raise a challenge to the vendors out there. Cultivate the care management community. Attend our national and regional conferences. That is where you will find many business owners and local Chapter representatives who will bring your information back to their companies and Chapters. Here is the link to the vendor exhibitor/sponsorship information for the Albuquerque meeting which is in April 2010:

I should mention that there are alternatives to being a conference sponsor or vendor. A company can offer to give a presentation of a general nature, advertise in our publications, or meet with the care managers in their local area. Vendors are typically welcome to attend and mingle, and often give educational presentations at our Chapter meetings (that is certainly the case in the SF Bay Area where between 30 and 50 care managers meet every other month - contact me for information).

I look forward to the future, when technology is seamlessly integrated with the practice of care management. Feel free to contact me to further discuss any of this.

Julie Menack, Care Manager and Private Fiduciary
Co-Chair WRC-NAPGCM Bay Area Group

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