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Many of these projections are ageist and should be questioned.  


Seniors face barriers to use of telehealth technology. 


At nursing homes and assisted living centers, offering relief to frustrated families.


No one should be surprised that America abandoned the elderly to die.


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Videos and aging in place technology

I am convinced that a video is worth a thousand words. I know, I regularly write at least that many words to explain to people about technology for aging in place -- and believe me, people get it far more quickly listening to me talk. So here's a short post that skips the words and shows videos of vendor products.

  1.  Halo Monitoring -- Interview about their wearable device for fall detection.

  2.  PointerWare -- about using their ease-of-use software to access a computer.

  3.  Doro -- about the idea of a cell phone as a way to communicate.

  4.  GE/Intel QuietCare video -- about QuietCare in a senior housing community.

  5.  PositScience - about their cognitive fitness software.

  6. -- Grandparents 'Unplugged'.

  7. -- fax two-way printing e-mail.

  8.  Invisible Caregiver -- all about mobility aids for aging in place.

  9.   It's Never Too Late (IN2L) website video page -- including videos of seniors using online paint, games, and therapy tools.  Very cool.

  10.  Selfhelp -- video about a community started for Holocaust survivors that incorporates technology in its independent living apartments.

  11.  Taking the stairs can be fun - watch how the stairs next to an escalator poach all the riders.

  12.  GrandStream Multimedia phone -- a good video ad for a phone that is multi-purpose.

  13.  Remembering the Last Act -- From The New Old Age blog, a well-made video of a 75th birthday.

  14.  And finally, as long as we're on the video point, check out the video 'Hurricane Hazel' McCallion, the 88-year-old mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, who has held the office for the past 31 years!

  15. Seniors learn to appreciate the iPad at one senior housing community.

  16. Man in nursing home awakens from listening to music

  17. BeClose -- Mother's Day 2012

  18. LeadingAge Technology Aging in Place 2012

  19. LeadingAge At 109, oldest living pianist, 2013

Send me links to the video about your product and maybe we can build out this post into a helpful list of illustrative examples (always keeping Hazel, of course!).






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