Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Lyft and Uber and others are contracting with third parties, bypassing the need for older riders to use apps or to have smartphones at all.


Inside Senior Planet, the tech-savviest retirement community on earth.


Following WSJ investigative story about inadequate background checks.


What does that imply for access to health technology?

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mHealth-Digital Health-Telehealth-Voice Health


mHealth-Digital Health-Telehealth-Voice Health

Halo Monitoring Announces Partnership with A&D Medical to Offer Wireless Health Monitoring at Home


Halo Monitoring® Announces Partnership with A&D Medical to Offer Wireless Health Monitoring at Home

Track all your health information from a simple web dashboard. Optimally manage chronic illnesses such as hypertension and congestive heart failure (CHF)

IFAS and CAST collaborate on hypertension study of kiosks


A unique research partnership between AAHSA’s Institute for the Future of Aging Services (IFAS) and its Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) could eventually help low-income older people use community-based technologies to better manage their hypertension. 

Connected Health Symposium -- Patients, Doctors -- People and Aging

Reimbursement pain is so last-year. The 2008 Connected Health Symposium was, I thought, a somewhat gloomy affair -- gnashing of teeth and hand wringing over government and insurer footdragging, limited market penetration, and still no reimbursement for remote monitoring and other telehealth technologies. This year, despite a worsening economy, the mood was much perkier.

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice Announces the Completion of The BlackBerry Report - a Comprehensive Study on Technology and Home Care


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association for Home Care &
Hospice (NAHC) today announced the completion of The BlackBerry® Report: The
National State of the Home Care Industry Study. The study, conducted to
provide insights into essential advances and reforms in the delivery of home
health care services, is intended to help providers of these crucial services
prepare for pending overall health care reform.


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