Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Ethics must be built into the creation, programming and marketing.


Looking to the wrist, the ears and the wall to keep seniors safe.


Technology that could keep people in their homes longer.


50 connected products, including Homelife care (a voice-activated Personal Emergency Response System).  


Robot pets, counseling for caregivers and other tools can help patients avoid nursing-homes.

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Starting your own business to serve boomers and seniors

I have heard from a number of folks in recent months about the businesses they are starting, some number of whom have published what they want to do or are doing on the Forum link on this site.  So I would like to ask and answer a few questions about doing so. In particular:

Concord resident uses web to transform elder care


Concord -

Concord resident Jim Reynolds last month opened Caring Companion Connections, a home services agency that adds a 21st century twist to in-home elder care.

CCC’s caregivers, known as Companions, use smartphones, such as BlackBerrys, to upload photos, activity logs and daily reports to a Web portal tied into a landline at the client’s location and viewable by loved ones in other cities or towns. 

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Holidays and aging family members - if you see something, do something

As we celebrate our holidays (or don't) -- maybe surrounded by our aging parents (or maybe not) -- let's give some thought to how older people connect with others, stay safe and well, and keep on contributing to the world around them. Here are five reminders about care about our older relatives, things we can all initiate, that have some technology elements. This advice is, of course, easier to give than it is to follow.

Asus products, including videophone


Asus products may be useful to seniors based on price. Check for pricing.

ASUS Unveils the Latest in PC Technology at Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City


Gear Up For the Holidays with the Latest in ASUS Innovation

PERS -- growth for security dealers,misleading for seniors and caregivers

This has been going on for some time -- the slow or no growth in the home security industry -- and the potential for expanding into a new line of business offering Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), aka 'medical alarms'. This security industry article outlines the great opportunity for home security providers and their 'rapid response' (RMR) call center vendors.

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