Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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December 2008 Aging in Place Blog in Review

LogoWelcome! Introducing the very first Aging in Place Technology Watch newsletter -- a summary of ideas, questions, and links about technology products and services that can and must help seniors remain in their homes for as long as they choose. This very first issue recaps the most detailed blog ideas and analysis from 2008, and includes links to important background studies. I started this blog in August as a means of:

Exploring the meaning behind surveys. There is a plethora of data about boomer and senior attitudes about aging, technology and what they worry about. It's important to scrutinize it for meaning and guidance:

AARP Healthy at Home Provides Clues About Technology's Uptake

Home Monitoring Studies Analysis: Baby Boomers Need to Try Harder

Explaining product categories -- and identifying compelling products.  In addition to reading about interesting products GilbertGuide has asked for a series of columns on aging in place product categories.

A Look at Medication Reminders

Clarity Life C900, an amplified cell phone/PERS for seniors

Reflecting on ideas and concerns. Through clipping services, alerts, ideas drawn from conferences, interviews with the many experts I have spoken with in the industry, I wonder (and worry) about:

Disconnect between university research and go-to-market product viability

ALFs or NORCs -- From housing crisis to current business opportunity?

If we wait for the healthcare industry to monitor our health, we'll just get older

Connected Health could make you a bit sick

Concepts and vision. And finally, a few small thoughts about conceptual frameworks and architecture for aging in place technology, with much more thought and many more proposals ahead.

A checklist for living independently -- from

How is GoToMyPC a metaphor for aging in place technology?

As I have tackled these topics and one-by-one interviewed experts, I particularly want to thank those who willingly gave their time and guidance along this path, especially Mary Furlong, Susan Ayers Walker, and Majd Alwan of CAST, as well as so many other vendor experts with deep experience and insight. It's clear to me that the sum of all of that expertise will correctly shape this market over the next few years.

On to 2009: Describing and discussing technology for aging in place

Next up: a market overview that offers insights about why it matters so much and so urgently that we invent, integrate, and promote technology that can help our aging population. I will begin to explore these ideas in the blog during January and complete the report (with a chart of vendors by product category). The market overview will serve as a 2009 basis for discussion about where the market must evolve -- holding those discussions online, by phone, at events, and whereever people who care want to talk about it. My mission: encouraging vendors who are in this market today, and inviting vendors who are considering entry to move forward.

Beginning in 2009, Aging in Place Technology Watch will complete a market overview of 'technology for aging in place' and summarize on the website, describing in a research paper, offer presentations at events at events (like the Boomer Business Summit in Las Vegas in March). We will begin offering research services like sponsors and retainer relationships, as well as an a la carte menu of writing and research. Please e-mail ( and set up time to talk to help shape these services to best meet your needs or those you believe should learn more.

Finally, I do hope you take a second to enter your e-mail address on the home page of to subscribe to blog posts. I will do a periodic sum-up in a newsletter like this, but with e-mailed blog posts, you can do a quick read -- offer a welcome comment with your opinion and guidance.

Here's to a great 2009, hearing from and seeing you at conferences!

All the best,

Laurie Orlov

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