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VillageCareMAX Health Plan Chooses eCaring to Enhance Patient Care

VillageCareMAX Health Plan Chooses eCaring to Enhance Patient Care and Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations for Chronically Ill Members throughout New York City


Verizon and Samsung Help Make the Nation’s First and Only Real-Time Home Health Data Monitoring Platform

one of the most powerful new health tech tools aimed at Managed Long-Term Care Coordination


NEW YORK—(February 8, 2016) — VillageCareMAX Health Plans, serving New Yorkers with chronic long-term health care needs, has partnered with eCaring, Inc., to use eCaring’s unique population health management system to enable its members to live longer and better in their homes.  eCaring generates comprehensive real-time actionable health data from the home. Village Care is deploying the powerful new health technology system with its home care workers and care managers to its vulnerable high-risk patients, to enable them to live independently at home, keeping them out of the hospital and nursing home.


eCaring‘s platform features easy-to-use, intuitive icon-based data collection software that allows home care workers, regardless of computer skills or language literacy, to track and report previously inaccessible unstructured human touchpoint data, delivering a robust portrait of each patient's current health status and conditions from their home. 

Using eCaring enables care managers to spot changes in conditions or trends that require immediate attention, leading to early interventions that minimize the severity of problems at all stages of a patient’s care.   As the first health tech platform built around the practical capabilities and needs of home health workers and care managers, the system increases care coordination by serving as the communication hub among home health care workers, doctors, nurses, care managers, patients and family caregivers, recording critical data about the patient while maximizing patient satisfaction and engagement levels.

Over the next few months, up to 400 VillageCareMAX Health Plan members will be issued pre-configured Samsung tablets installed with eCaring’s CareTracker software, powered by the Verizon 4G network. Home health workers will be trained to use eCaring as they provide care for VillageCareMAX members in their homes. Generating extensive previously unrecorded information, about physical and mental state, vital signs, and medication adherence, VillageCare, using eCaring, will provide timely proactive care management to prevent emerging health issues observed in the home from escalating into serious problems that would likely require avoidable hospitalization.

“One thing that makes eCaring such an exciting advance in the care of our vulnerable and chronically ill population,” said Karl Dehm, Vice President of VillageCareMAX, “is that the technology finally gives home care workers, who are on the front line of knowing the most about patients, a genuine, effective voice in care management.  When a worker enters information such as “patient is confused,” and within minutes they are engaged with a care manager about how to best treat the situation, eCaring enables us to intervene earlier and more effectively than ever before. This ability to quickly identify and address health issues when and where they first become visible has transformational potential for the practice of managed long-term care.”

In multiple care management programs, eCaring has saved an average of over $4,000 annually per patient, cut hospital use by 40%, and reduced congestive heart failure readmission rates at a major medical center by 60%. Case studies show that eCaring enhances care coordination, redefines the care delivery system, and empowers home health aides to be productive members of the care team, sharing, for the first time, real-time information from the home that leads to better patient outcomes and increased satisfaction.

“Health technology centered in the home is one of the most untapped, and exciting areas of medical innovation today,” said Robert M. Herzog, founder and CEO of eCaring. “We are proud that VillageCareMAX has chosen eCaring to be a core element of their long-term care management approach. We are excited by this collaboration, which allows us to bring better health home and opens the door to the healthcare of the future.”

About eCaring

eCaring, a privately held, New York-based company, is dedicated to improving populations and patient health care with its unique in-home chronic disease management system.  It was built from the ground up to enable homecare workers to report a patient’s health data in real-time, to be able to immediately identify potential health issues before they require hospitalizations. eCaring is the leading technology for seniors and people with chronic conditions to capture key behavioral, clinical, and medication adherence data in the home as it occurs.  The results include a more efficient allocation of resources, improved information sharing, and customizable care for individuals with serious health conditions. Among eCaring's growing list of clients and partners are Healthfirst, Metropolitan Jewish Health System, Beth Israel Medical Center, Village Care, Samsung, Verizon and others. To learn more, please visit

About VillageCareMAX

VillageCareMAX is part of VillageCare, a community-based, not-for-profit organization providing quality health care in New York City’s communities for more than 35 years. Our mission is to promote healing, better health and well-being to the fullest extent possible. VillageCareMAX services the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. For more information, please call 800-469-6292, or visit


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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