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Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Positive Aging Conference highlights Sarasota area technology innovation

The 2014 Positive Aging Conference shines a light on innovation.  At the just-held Conference on Positive Aging in Sarasota, FL, the seventh in its history, to the four themes Wellness, Creativity, Transitions and Community, the conference added  a new theme, Technology.  The conference’s offerings are designed primarily for the Sarasota County attendees, a population of older adults in the region who are the focus of the work of the Institute of the Ages. This year, the Institute of the Ages, led by CEO Tom Esselman, has partnered with InnovateLTC, CEO John Reinhart, an accelerator for new businesses serving the age-related market segments.  That partnership enables a willing and able test audience from Sarasota to find willing and eager businesses looking for pilots of their products and services. >>> Read more . . .

Encore Tampa Bay Founder Guides Positive Aging Conference


While many people have a mental picture of an entrepreneur as a hip twenty-something working on the next billion dollar tech company, the fact is that entrepreneurial activity is growing fastest among Americans aged 55 – 64, and people over the age of 65 have the highest rate of self-employment in the country. The factors influencing Baby Boomers and seniors to consider launching their own enterprises vary from economic necessity to pursuit of a lifelong dream. >>> Read more . . .

In 2014, will technology for seniors be absorbed into digital health?

A long holiday stretch ends.  No, I’m not talking about Christmas decorations in shopping malls. The media frenzy that was CES 2014 may soon wane away, although post mortems and predictions persist. So let’s review: there were Silvers Summit exhibitors (6) and then there was Digital Health (77). For CES health-related overall, count 170 per Mobile Health News – and that includes "e-Cigarette makers that categorized themselves as Digital Health."  See one of a few cynical posts – where we can find a new word -- track-a-holism -- and a new slogan -- "sitting is the new smoking." But in the Digital Health exhibit list, note the presence of GrandCare and Independa – two long-standing players in what could have been categorized at a different event as senior technology.  >>> Read more . . .

AARP Announces Call for Start-Up Applications for Third AARP Health Innovation@50+


WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 14, 2014 AARP and LivePitch Media today announced that the call for applications is now open for the third annual AARP Health Innovation@50 + LivePitch. >>> Read more . . .

Five Coolest Senior Care Tech Unveiled at CES 2014

Products and services designed to keep older adults engaged, entertained, connected and healthy.


Older adults shun retirement for risky startups

Limited job opportunities after age 55, inadequate savings or want to work for themselves.


AgePower Tech Search Announces Five Finalists


  MINNEAPOLIS/SAINT Paul (January 8, 2014) – Ecumen and MOJO Minnesota, the organizers of

the inaugural AgePower Tech Search, which is designed to help bring new technology solutions to a

rapidly aging world, have announced the initiative’s five finalists (listed below). Team leaders for the

five technologies will participate in a Demo Day before AgePower judges in Minneapolis/St. Paul on

January 21st. The finalists will vie for an opportunity for a 6-month pilot with Ecumen customers and >>> Read more . . .

Venture Beat's Smart Refrigerators: Do Not Want

Nice article about innovation excess (at CES, naturally), as well as innovation unapplied.


Medical technology stories to watch at CES 2014

Forbes: Imagine a home with automatic medication dispensers, robots, video, and motion sensors to detect falls.

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