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High-Tech from the Ground Up

More than a mere convenience, today’s technology can streamline operations when integrated into the design fabric of community.


CCRC Sees Future as Angie’s List of Senior Living

CCRC (one) sees future as 'Angie's List of Senior Living.'   Lots of talk about this forever, but still virtually none are offering virtual senior living.


Is technology a threat to senior housing industry?

The answer, says Joseph Coughlin of MIT AgeLab, is both.


A shortage of caregivers -- now

More than 1.3 million new paid caregivers will be needed to meet demand over the next decade.


Buying the customer base – Facebook seizes WhatsApp, Brookdale acquires Emeritus

Facebook spends on WhatsApp -- Brookdale buys Emeritus.  It’s been an interesting week. Most people do not see a parallel in these two acquisitions, I’m quite sure, since the target user of each is separated by, oh, say 50 years. So what does it mean to consumers that Brookdale, in a 2.8 billion stock deal, will now be the first national and largest owner-operator senior living company in the United States -- with more than 1100 locations in 46 states? What does it mean that Facebook, that completely-closed purveyor of ads, pictures and Likes, spent $16-19 billion, just about the largest tech acquisition price EVER, on a messaging tool with no ads, no games, and no gimmicks that costs virtually nothing to use – other than a smart phone’s data plan? But it’s big overseas in places where Facebook isn't – and best of all, it requires your phone number to use -- which Facebook will now have if it didn't already. >>> Read more . . .

Brookdale Senior Living buys Emeritus


Nashville, Tenn. and Seattle, Wash., February 20, 2014 -- Brookdale Senior Living Inc. (NYSE: BKD) and Emeritus Corporation (NYSE: ESC) today announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement to create the first national senior living solutions company. The combined companies will serve the growing market for senior living solutions as the single branded provider operating the only nationwide network of senior living communities with fully integrated ancillary services across the continuum of care. >>> Read more . . .

Brookdale Senior Living buys Emeritus

Why is this good for seniors?


ALFA: Top Senior Living Stories of 2013

An interesting collection about the industry -- take a look.


ALFA: Senior Living Technology 2013 Highlights

Not a survey, but noting of use of EHR, care coordination, sensors, and mobile apps.


Referral Service Aims to be the eHarmony of Senior Care

Dallas-based accelerator program spawns a new Care Referral service, Cariloop

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