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Most Read: The Largest Providers in Senior Living

An aggregation of Senior Housing News with list of largest providers and Place for Mom cost report.


Services for aging in place – not provided, not coordinated, not enough

What you can’t see is what you get.  Rant on. You would think by now that there would be a traveling provider of just about everything anyone might need. You can order much of your supplies in your home from the Amazon of all stuff, uh, actually, that IS These days – you probably know that doctors are making housecalls. Even podiatrists and dentists (did you know this?) will travel to assisted living facilities. Should people with dementia have annual eye exams? (Yes.) What about eye exams inside memory care units for non-verbal 90-year-olds? And what about the boxes of unclaimed eyeglasses by the nurses’ station? Who do they belong to? How can you tell? And how does a person with dementia verify that the current pair of glasses is inadequate? By rubbing their eyes and taking them off? >>> Read more . . .

Senior citizen-focused tech company Connected Living acquires mobile app development startup


Connected Living, a Quincy-based company helps connect senior citizens to the Internet and help them stay connected to the world around them, said Wednesday that it acquired Tethered LLC, a mobile app development startup with offices in California, Colorado and Nevada.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. >>> Read more . . .

The CCRC concept is an ageist nightmare -- and it’s not just the name

Maybe you have Ann Clinton stuck in your mind too.  This woman and her husband spent $351,424 plus $4600 per month for the 'security' of having access to the continuing care of a CCRC. The 'continuing' of the CCRC was in one direction – she discovered that returning in a motorized wheelchair from the nursing home section to the independent living bingo game engendered big protest – from the other residents as well as management. You may have seen this yourself – people putting wheelchairs and walkers at a dining room door and limping in so that they could eat with friends in the 'independent living' dining room. These are well-documented -- if not well-understood -- policies. The message, perhaps constructed by CCRC marketing?  Independent living residents don’t wish to see people who are not as 'independent' -- or at least who don’t appear as independent as themselves. >>> Read more . . .



Caremerge LLC, a revolutionary communication and care coordination platform for the senior care industry, announced today a $4 million first institutional financing round led by Cambia Health Solutions, and included additional investments from Generator Ventures, GE Ventures, Arsenal Venture Partners and Ziegler-LinkAge Longevity Fund These investors are some of the first to focus on aging and long-term senior care. >>> Read more . . .

Long-term Care Software Market Worth $7,561.9 Million by 2019 - New Report by MarketsandMarkets


The report will encourage both established firms as well as new entrants/smaller firms to gauge the pulse of the market, which in turn would help firms to garner greater market shares. Firms purchasing this report could use any one or a combination of the below mentioned five strategies (market penetration, product development/innovation, market development, market diversification, and competitive assessment) for reaping a greater market share. >>> Read more . . .

New Assisted Living Software Makes Market Debut


SAN FRANCISCO, November 26th, 2014—With the Assisted Living industry under increasing financial and regulatory pressure, new tools are required to create and sustain Industry health.

Introducing 602CARE, a new workflow management tool designed specifically for the Assisted Living industry—by executives in the Assisted Living industry. 602CARE makes its debut this week.

602CARE has been created by a unique team: top veteran Assisted Living executives, combined with experts in the consumer electronics industry. >>> Read more . . .

Panasonic Makes Long-Term Play for Senior Care

Tablet-based access to portal for senior housing communities.


Pet Smart Is Better at Marketing Than Assisted Living

Criteria: An elderly family member requiring assistance; owning a home that is worth at least $400,000; no debt.

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