Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Intentional Communities -- from Beacon Hill Village to beyond

Intentional communities will continue to expand as baby boomers age and retire.


University of Missouri/TigerPlace -- testing Aging in Place Technology

University project: Sensors placed around the room monitor activity of a 91-year-old.


Hot Caregiving Industry opportunities Take Center Stage at What's Next Boomer Business Summit


Hot Caregiving Industry Opportunities Take Center Stage at What’s Next Boomer Business Summit

Agenda dives deep into business opportunities in this $800 billion industry >>> Read more . . .

Aging in place, living well, thriving at home, welderly, zoomers -- isn't obfuscation great?

Medicine turned into healthcare, doctors became providers, small coffee cups became tall, exercise became fitness, recycling became a sustainability tactic. So it has come to pass that politically correct eventually becomes...correct. And everything else, therefore becomes incorrect, inappropriate, or even offensive. >>> Read more . . .

Aging with Grace - Personal Health Record


The importance of carrying medical identification

Will I have a heart attack today…a stroke…a diabetic coma…a seizure?
Most of us never ask this question simply because we cannot answer it.
Additionally, most of us would prefer to go about our day without such worry.
Asking that question, however, is an important step in moving us toward
preparedness for the possibility of some unforeseen medical event.
In truth, most of us live, work, and play without a thought to the >>> Read more . . .

Staying overnight to try out a retirement home

Who writes these headlines? But anyway -- CCRCs market by offering try-before-you-buy visits.


How to let others know how your business is doing

How is a market entrant doing? I have spent much of the past year looking at websites of tech companies in the aging-tech or digital health-tech areas. As part of this look, I am always trying to figure out how these companies are doing. Talking to the company executives is interesting, but the website, to me is very revealing and sometimes contradicts verbal descriptions of momentum. To me, these are visible indicators of company health: >>> Read more . . .

Emotional Connectedness -- The Healthcare Connection

New startup Emota's 'emotional networking technology', now under development.


Residents of Darien CT Want 'Aging in Place Services)

This includes taxi service, among others.

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