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Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

AgeTek Announces Bud Myers as CEO


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 27, 2010
Today, the Aging Technology Alliance ( announced the appointment of its first chief executive officer, Bud Myers. For years, Mr. Myers served as Sr. Director of Merchandising at boomer-focused catalog and online retailer FirstSTREET ( and is a well-known expert in the baby-boomer and consumer electronics markets.

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Driving helpers for aging drivers, concerned families

Various websites and tools to assess driving skill and help seniors and families.


Aging in Place Technology Watch May 2010 Newsletter

Older Americans -- so lucky to have their own month.  And the merry month of May has been as hyped up as any: judging by the 4.6 million items that popped up with a Google Search ("Older Americans Month May 2010"). From a Presidential proclamation to an AoA standardized template for creating your own community version, we can rejoice that so much attention has been paid to encouraging us to honor those 60 and older to "Age Strong! Live Long!" But you heard me, 60 and older! On the one hand, it is a good thing every day to find a way to honor the frailest and most isolated -- not just for a month. But beginning at age 60?

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Medicare Policies Ignore Aging at Home Concept

Lack of Medicare reimbursement for in home mobility assistance -- cited by the American Association for Homecare.


Empower the user -- product design assumptions for boomers and seniors

Socially and personally, information access empowers.  BCS (once known as the British Computer Society) published an interesting report this month called "The Information Dividend: Can IT Make You Happier?" This study of 35,000 examines the relationship between access to information and the means of getting it with responders' life satisfaction. It concludes that IT has a positive impact on life satisfaction for all levels of income and other factors that are typically used to determine well-being. And the study, according to the authors, demonstrates that access to information and technology "extends the sense of freedom/control which improves well-being." Most intriguing, it found that correlation with life-satisfaction as it relates to information technology was greatest among the most disadvantaged -- that is, those with lower incomes and the least amount of education. >>> Read more . . .

Tech for aging in place -- still waiting, integrators wanted

Product potential and interest is there.  Within the past few weeks I have been briefed by no fewer than 10 firms about products/solutions being developed to serve the 'aging in place' consumer -- a few are launched: they represent some combination of offerings for senior, caregiver, provider -- with and without devices directly in the home. Some of these startups are steadfastly convinced that offerings can be sold directly through consumer channels, while those with more configurable products may see the need to recruit channel partners to get into the market. Meanwhile, in the past year or so, I have heard from various local service providers (some have registered in this Forum entry) about delivering solutions, even testing them in labs, to help seniors. This is good. >>> Read more . . .

Willing the long-term care industry out of existence

A McKnight's article about 'aging in place' replacing long-term care -- through marketing hype.


An Old Age Home All Your Own

Aging in place in Westchester -- more villages (aka intentional communities) ramp up.


Self-determination of seniors -- a product design framework

Many products and services want to help mitigate aging issues.  The great news is that I meet and hear new vendors tackling one or more opportunities emerging from our 'longevity revolution'. As I just heard AgeWave's Ken Dychtwald describe yesterday, we are in the midst of the first global societal experience in history of what it means when people live as long as they do today. And so it is a great experiment -- what is needed, what helps seniors and caregivers, what works and what doesn't, and as such, more firms, both large and small, will launch products and services. >>> Read more . . .

The Rise Of the Fleet-Footed Start-Up

The lean start-up process -- a smaller role for VCs -- for Internet companies.

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