Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Technology becomes friendlier to older generations

Discusses university research and offerings like LinkedSenior, Familink, FloH Club.


New Old Age: CCRC pricing is bewildering

An eye-opener about comparitive pricing of non-profit CCRCs.


Marketing and Selling Technology for Aging in Place

Time for an update -- more surveys, more vendors. I just updated the Aging in Place Technology Market Overview to incorporate other example vendors and links to studies about seniors and technology. This is going to be a regular task -- lately I have stumbled across a plethora of surveys from MetLife's Mature Market Institute, Nielsen, and the everywhere-at-once AARP. As I find them, I post on the Trends page of this site, most recent at the top. And then there are many more vendors and tech services and websites, way too many for a market overview, but I've added more examples than the previous version. >>> Read more . . .

Indiana city tries to vary transport options for seniors

More varieties of transport in this Indiana city, but struggles with funding.


The nirvana of aging in place and other age-related reality disconnects

It seems as though there is a seasonal cluster to everything -- conferences (spring and fall), concerts (fall through spring), and... communication about surveys and studies. During the fall of studies announcements, we've seen some interesting and sometimes ironic juxtapositions: >>> Read more . . .

Nielsen Survey of Seniors and the Internet

Six million more seniors using the web than 5 years ago.


Introducing -- new blogger -- Liz Boehm of Forrester Research!

Adding an expert to this blog! I am so excited -- Liz Boehm, Principal Analyst extroardinaire at Forrester Research, would like to contribute her insights on aging in place and I am so pleased to have her write and to introduce her to readers.  I'll let her explain it herself -- why writing about this matters to her, but this is great for those of us who care about the topic and want to accelerate the pace of understanding and adoption.  >>> Read more . . .

Gifts -- Aging in Place and Related

The planes are becoming full of holiday travelers... At Thanksgiving time, I wrote a blog post about visits with aging family members -- and being on the lookout to see if they need help remaining independent.  In that post, there were links to videophones, eBook devices, computers with cameras, and a variety of other useful items that you may have noticed could be helpful. >>> Read more . . .

What Boomers Want from Technology 2009 and other aging theories

Microsoft and AARP -- boomers and technology. Yesterday's New York Times 'Bits' blog summarized a study dated October, 2009 -- funded by Microsoft and AARP and conducted through 60 dinner interviews in four cities of boomers age 50-60.  The comments posted on the NY Times website are more revealing (and scathing) about what boomers really want from technology (and as an added bonus, how younger folks really can't stand self-interested boomers). I suggest that rev 2 of this study analyze these and release an addendum. >>> Read more . . .

What do Baby Boomers want from technology

Article discusses new AARP/Microsoft study about types and uses of technology leisure.

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