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Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Old Age, New Gizmos -- or Gizmos Are Dead, Long Live Services?

Rant on.  The Times New Old Age take on this weekend's Silvers Summit at CES: "American tech companies, taking notice of the unmistakable demographic trends, have launched a surge." Is Silvers Summit a surge? Are 'major tech companies' actively and broadly engaged? What you're seeing (as described and in CES press releases) is some innovation from small start ups -- and in an unproven market area, it is probably best thought of as experimentation. >>> Read more . . .

Relaxation time -- Product Trend Report January 2010

Aging in place features quietly entering the bathroom. Universal design -- or 'multi-generational' design?


Interview with Joseph Coughlin, MIT AgeLab

Discusses a few of AgeLab's projects.


Ten Tech Market Wishes for 2010

For those of you still staring at your computer screen in 2009, I just have one (!) more thing to say. Okay, well maybe 10 things. Here are my wishes for the tech market that has, but has not yet fully realized, the potential to better serve baby boomers and seniors in 2010. >>> Read more . . .

What to do in 2010 with the tech trends from 2009?

There are multiple ways to view the technology market for aging in place -- in the 2009 Market Overview, relevance is described as matching stages of frailty, and products are categorized by role in successful aging. Recently we took a look at life stage decision-points and how they trigger a need or desire for a technology that may be in the market. Today let's match a few of these decision points with 2009 tech trends, recent Microsoft-AARP Baby Boomers and Technology coverage, making a few recommendations. >>> Read more . . .

Small assisted living

Small (fewer than 10) assisted living 'homes' -- better staff ratio, lower price.


After Dry Year, Start-Ups Are Poised to Get Cash

Preparing to ramp up investments in 2010.


2009 Spawned Ten Aging in Place Trends to Watch in 2010

It's the end of the year and time for that wrap-up of the indicators from 2009 that will drive trends for 2010 -- what it all means -- more analysis on another day.

1. Location-aware tech enables more info, greater safety.  GPS became even more useful in 2009. Verizon replaced its Chaperone service with Family Locator, The Alzheimer's Association introduced its ComfortZone (powered by OmniLink), several other tracking technology vendors launched, and location-based mapping and direction technologies, 2009 was a good GPS-enabled year. >>> Read more . . .

Technology becomes friendlier to older generations

Discusses university research and offerings like LinkedSenior, Familink, FloH Club.

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