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Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

CEA Announces Finalists for Inaugural Innovation Entrepreneur Awards

Charlie Hillman of GrandCare Systems named one of the finalists!


Six trends that signal change in all things aging and health

Stick versus carrot: re-admission penalties emerge October 1st.  This may be much ado about nothing – but October is the month that hospitals begin being 'penalized' for readmitting the same patients within 30 days of discharge. What’s that mean in dollars and cents?  Well, by forcing hospitals to focus on what are euphemistically called 'transitions' -- cuts of anywhere from 0.42 percent to 1 percent in revenue loom. Or look at the flip side: CMS gets back $280 million from 2200 hospitals immediately.  And who are those pesky people who have been re-admitted? Surprise, they are disproportionately comprised of seniors, initially with diseases like pneumonia, heart attack and heart failure, with more diagnoses added each year. >>> Read more . . .

Aging services needs vendors -- commercialism is just fine

Wow – twice in a week, accusations of ‘commercialism’.  An epiphany – occasionally I have them. The backdrop: In Incident A, a future topic I am discussing at an aging services event was (at least temporarily) classified as ‘commercial’ versus ‘educational’ because vendor executives were to be on the panel, jeopardizing the continuing education credit that attendees might get. Then, the very next day, Incident B: a proposed slide deck was critiqued by (different) organizers with the recommendation to remove slides that had many vendor logos. Why? Because it might be perceived by sponsors as commercials for those vendors – again jeopardizing continuing education credits. >>> Read more . . .

Coughlin: Senior Living Industry Prepping for Most Disruptive Generation Yet: The Boomers

Couldn't have said it better -- don't plan for tech today, plan for change.


What the Longevity Economy could mean for you

The longevity economy (as coined by AARP) should become a big driver of U.S. growth.


AARP:Hey Entrepreneurs, What's your 50+ Strategy?

Speak to that market segment that controls $3.5 trillion in consumer spending -- Life@50+.


Seniors more tech-savvy than younger Americans believe


ANDOVER, Mass., U.S.A. - In a recent U.S. study, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG, AEX:PHI) found that a majority of individuals surveyed ages 65 or older are comfortable using technology (54 percent). However, Philips found there is a gap between perception and reality, with younger people thinking only 42 percent of seniors use tech in their daily lives.

  >>> Read more . . .

AARP, LivePitch Media Announce Start-Up Finalists For Health Innovation@50+

AARP announced 10 start-up finalists for its Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch, to be held September 21, 2012 in New Orleans.


Tech design -- we're getting older, but is it getting better?

The best consumer tech is barely out-of-the-box usable – for anyone.  iPad, Schmipad. Although there is always a story here or there about one who loves the device and wants to teach others (60 days of classes!!!), apps like Family Ribbon to make it easier to use continue to pop up along with training both in store and beyond. So in the face of so much enthusiasm, it is hard for me to say this, but guess what? If you aren’t born imagining that 4 fingers would reveal the already created task row of previously used apps, that menus disappear, that the style of user interface for various apps is inconsistent, that screen-to-screen navigation varies from touching a tiny dot at the screen base to swiping a swoop to the next page, 60 days of training sounds like a pretty good idea. And as far as user interface design, this is the best of the best and it is not acceptable! >>> Read more . . .

Get old, tune out: Is technology leaving the elderly in the dust?

"When it comes to smartphones, we didn’t simply move the goalposts for these people. We moved the stadium..."

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