Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

ELDERLUXE® launches new Retail Storefront at


After extensive development, ELDERLUXE the innovative Chicago-based international retailer of luxury products catering to aging baby boomers and their families has announced the launch of their new and significantly enhanced website at  This new storefront replaces the existing site that has now been in continuous use since 2007. >>> Read more . . .

Battle to Build (and Sell) Hearing Aid Alternatives

Startups offer low-cost sound amplification that threatens hearing aid industry.


Bloomberg: Seeking Gold in a Graying Population

Meet entrepreneurs pioneering new products and services--or improving existing ones--for the fast-growing senior market.


Six steps before launching a tech product for boomers or seniors

Don’t quit your day job just yet – do the homework first.   Starting a new company? I hear fairly regularly from those who have this intent.  Maybe they have a prototype they have created. When I don’t hear first, sometimes I catch who they are through the modern-day miracle of Google Alerts. So maybe we chat, maybe I take a look at a website, learn how they are going about getting their funding, and I ask if they know about products that may be similar to what they are doing.  Or have they browsed online catalogs, or spoken to non-profits (if that is one of the target audiences).  Have they studied market sizings and surveys from Nielsen to Pew to MetLife? And so on.  So here’s a recap of advice for the pre-early stage – more another day: >>> Read more . . .

Old Age in China is a Fledgling Business Opportunity

The potential market is vast, investors in the sector face cultural, as well as financial and administrative, barriers.


As baby boomers age, technology keeps them safe behind the wheel

New car technology that will make the most safety difference.


Aging in Place Technology Watch September 2012 Newsletter

Stick versus carrot: re-admission penalties emerge October 1st.  This may be much ado about nothing – but October is the month that hospitals begin being 'penalized' for readmitting the same patients within 30 days of discharge. What’s that mean in dollars and cents?  Well, by forcing hospitals to focus on what are euphemistically called 'transitions' -- cuts of anywhere from 0.42 percent to 1 percent in revenue loom. Or look at the flip side: CMS gets back $280 million from 2200 hospitals immediately.  And who are those pesky people who have been re-admitted? Surprise, they are disproportionately comprised of seniors, initially with diseases like pneumonia, heart attack and heart filure, with more diagnoses added each year. >>> Read more . . .

An aging population is more an opportunity than a problem

Bill Novelli: If we act now, we can actually create a world where aging is a boon and not a burden.


Center for Technology and Aging Launches Online “ADOPT Toolkit©” and Advisory Services to Help Health Care Organizations Implement Technologies for Chronic Disease Management


OAKLAND, Calif. – Sept. 25, 2012 – The Center for Technology and Aging announced today the launch of the online “ADOPT Toolkit©” ( and associated technical advisory and consulting services. These new initiatives build on the CTA’s experience of successfully managing technology demonstration programs and assisting health care organizations across the country adopt technologies for improving chronic disease management and reducing hospital re-admissions. >>> Read more . . .

New Study Underscores the Potential of Aging Services Technologies (ASTs) to Improve Care and Quality of Life


LeadingAge and NORC at the University of Chicago Conduct Congressionally Mandated Analysis of Available Technologies and Their Implications for Older Adults and People with Disabilities >>> Read more . . .

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