Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Survey: Cities thrive when they harness senior power

A “successfully aging” city keeps older adults involved and engaged in social and economic life.


Put the human back into engineering

The product user interface of today can madden the seniors of tomorrow.  I am looking at the console of a Volvo right now. Mulling over the SOURCE/Push Scan knob -- turn it to switch from FM to AM, PUSH it to SCAN the channels, PUSH again to stop scanning.  This is an eight-year-old car, and it took most of the first few years of perusing the owner’s manual to figure out how to use the radio (PTY, TP, NEWS buttons I’ve left untouched). But brand new cars have achieved a new level. Just starting up a newer car -- never mind the radio -- requires a long training session, watching the sales rep, taking notes. For one car expert I know, it was not clear how to get a brand new, automatic transmission BMW out of PARK -- without instruction.  >>> Read more . . .

Care Management Journal and Self-Help Community Services

Includes independent living use of technology in this New York housing development.


Best Buy laying off 600 from Geek Squad

Looks like they're not necessarily optimistic about that AARP partnership.


Washington's winners and losers from the Supreme Court's health care ruling

Includes interview comments from Cindy Crump -- CEO of AFrame Digital -- which makes devices to 'monitor the activity of the elderly.'


Savvy Software Strategies - Home Care

Providers should embrace technology to boost efficiency and maximize profits. But the industry still lags behind.


Who will buy all the useful technology for seniors -- and by what date?

Senior housing organizations want to accelerate development and adoption. Reading an interview with Majd Alwan, SVP and Executive Director of Leading Age’s CAST group, you would believe that we are on the cusp of widespread adoption of technology for older adults in the senior housing: Says Majd: "CAST brings developers—big ones like Phillips and Intel-GE Care Innovations, all the way to small start-ups—together with forward thinking and pioneering service providers who understand the value of technology and are exploring technology-enabled care models and implementing them in their communities, and researchers." >>> Read more . . .

The more things remain the same, sometimes they change

Don’t see the products your constituents need? Launch a fund to get them created. Sometimes organizations become frustrated with the pace of change and decide to do something about it. One of those is Link-age in Mason, Ohio, a group purchasing organization that buys on behalf of 450 senior living communities in 39 states. The organization, led by CEO Scott Collins, is launching a $20 million ‘gray’ national fund to accelerate creation of products and services for seniors. Local investment banker, John Hopper, managing director of the new Link-age Ventures (partnered with CincyTech), rightly observes: "We haven’t bumped into anyone else in the industry doing anything similar." Says Collins: "Entrepreneurs are eager to address the market, but few understand the needs."  The investors will make money when the companies are sold – which they surely will be if they do find new and innovative ways to address, as Scott Collins indicates, the food, shelter, transportation and socialization needs of older adults -- well beyond the boomer age ranges of 48 to 66.  >>> Read more . . .

A Mason, OH group Link-age seeks $20 million for grey funding

A Mason, OH senior care group to raise as much as $20 million for a national venture fund focused on aging-related products and services.


Georgia Tech creates network of baby boomers for in-home healthcare product testing

George Tech starts statewide network of adults 50 years of age and older recruited to evaluate in-home consumer products.

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