Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Why we want to age at home

PBS NewsHour asked seniors who choose to live at home what the rewards and challenges look like -- about Beacon Hill Village -- and tips to age at home.


Nashville companies using high-tech systems to target seniors 'aging in place'

Several Nashville companies are now in the remote monitoring business.


Partnership seeks new ideas to cope with aging

AgePower in Minneapolis -- launching to encourage new ideas in age-related technologies.


Who should monitor the quality of apps for boomers, seniors, and caregivers?

Five Market Overview versions later -- let's recap.  Launching a business venture takes excessive confidence -- or an extreme lack of common sense. Four years ago, after 7 months of random ranting in a blog, an awkwardly-titled Aging in Place Technology Watch analyst business was launched at the 2009 What’s Next Boomer Business Summit. Both of those were in conjunction with posting and promoting an initial report -- Technology for Aging in Place Market Overview (2009).  Now more than four years later, an updated version has been posted on this site. The press release titled "The Longevity Economy Goes Mobile" is ready -- and so there's time for a bit of reflection. Since 2009, how much has changed: the environment in which technologies are discovered and utilized is radically different. Entrenched social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al. make it different; the rise of smart phones and tablets as platforms, so different; and the rise and fall and rise of crowd-funding make starting up a company very different; boatloads of blog sites offering a cacaphony of tidbits also makes learning about new technology difficult -- and different. >>> Read more . . .

Finalists Announced for Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit Business Competition


 SANTA CLARA, Calif. (June 21, 2013) – Organizers of the 10th annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit today announced five finalists for the prestigious Boomer Business Plan Competition. A call for entries was issued earlier this year and many high quality business plans were received. The 2013 finalists for the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit Business Competition are:

ChemoPatch >>> Read more . . .

High-tech devices to meet housing and care needs of older people

Enter the robot – or at least a spectrum of technology to make independent living easier, safer and even companionable in a weird, techie way.


Five Directories of Technology Products for Aging in Place

Directory of tech offerings -- is there one? Are you often asked the question – where is the list of technology products for older adults – is there one Consumer Reports-like resource that reviews and will help me figure out what is available that could be useful for an aging relative or client?   Unfortunately, there really isn’t one source, but there are some resources that could be useful – here is a getting-started list that you can feel free to augment with comments: >>> Read more . . .

Kauffman FastTrac Receives Sponsorship from AARP to Pilot Entrepreneurship Course for Baby Boomers


KANSAS CITY, Mo.(Feb. 25, 2013) – Baby boomers residing in New York City, Southern California and South Florida may soon find it easier to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship thanks to a new sponsorship agreement between Kauffman FastTrac and AARP. In an outreach to its membership, AARP has agreed to underwrite the bulk of expenses for 60 aspiring entrepreneurs age 50+ to enroll in a Kauffman FastTrac course. >>> Read more . . .

The AARP is looking for some good Baby Boomer entrepreneurs to back

On a mission to both bring more innovation to the 50+ crowd and sow entrepreneurial seeds among the demographic.

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