tablets and eReaders

includes non-PC-based communication devices, such as tablets, e-Readers

Research: Turning any surface into a touch screen

The 'no tablet tablet': imagine that the form factor shrinks substantially. :)


ipad helps elderly remember, socialize

Great example of the change enabled by the use of an iPad.


Consider technologies designed for all, including older adults

Summarizing the Pew Research reports to expose boomer/senior tech adoption trends was quite an eye opener, shining a light on the wide gap between enthusiasm and hype versus the reality of actual boomer/senior buyers and users. For example, in case you were wondering: the tablet, E-reader and smart phone have not taken the 65+ population by storm. But 24% of boomers and 11% of seniors have smart phones today – and I believe that number will double at the next survey. Not exactly a groundswell, nevertheless a clear recognition of benefit. >>> Read more . . .

Retailing AIP Tech: Early Observations from the Fair

Fried at the fair. This year, we were selected to have a retail stand at the San Diego County Fair. There are 1.4 million people expected to attend the fair during its 22-day run from June through July 4. In addition to the infamous Chicken Charlie’s fried food (fried Kool Aid is this year’s hit, many people attend the fair for the shopping — four large halls full of Sham Wows, Vitamixes and assorted pitchmen and gizmos. >>> Read more . . .

Is a smartphone better for navigating than a traditional GPS?

This writer says go forth with the smartphone.


Independa Launches Angela – Social Engagement and Fun for Remote Care Recipients


Game-changing solution connects caring family members, professionals
with the elderly, prolonging independence and enriching Golden Years
>>> Read more . . .

VoiceFriend Gets the Message Out


Bringing families and communities together through communications.

(Feb. 1, 2011) WALTHAM, MA – It’s the new standard for delivering voice and text messages and email: VoiceFriend. Now commercially available, the cloud-based solution offers an enhancement in community services without increased costs for senior living communities, and other groups and organizations that need an adaptable communication tool. >>> Read more . . .

Waltham firm seeks to improve communications for seniors

VoiceFriend works as a Web-based platform voice messaging in senior housing.


Technology keeps us close

Compressing time/distance between grandparents, grandchildren.

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