dementia care

Includes reference to dementia and possible use of tracking devices and other mitigating technology to assist families who have a relative with dementia

Giving Alzheimer's Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate

Creating positive emotional experiences for Alzheimer’s patients diminishes distress and behavior problems.


EmSeeQ Emergency Locator Helps Recover Wandering and Lost Loved Ones Before it’s Too Late


First and Only Cellular-based Locator System Takes the ‘Search’ out of Search and Rescue to Save Lives and Provide Peace of Mind to Caregivers

Frisco, TX —For caregivers of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients or children with autism, the fear of their loved one wandering away and becoming lost is ever-present. Unable to find their way home or function well independently, impaired individuals are at grave risk of injury—or even death—due to exposure to the elements or hazards they may encounter while wandering. >>> Read more . . .

The Age of Alzheimer's

A call to action to invest US dollars for Alzheimer's to change the 2020 bleak outlook for the disease.

10/28/2010 Launches First Customizable Alzheimer's Resource for Family Caregivers


New survey shows caregivers struggle with delayed diagnosis and lack of insight: Caregiving is more stressful than the economy >>> Read more . . .'s Alzheimer's Steps & Stages Tool -- Reviewed introduces Alzheimer's Steps&Stages assessment tool, reviewed here in the NY Times.


Why isn't tech more appealing?

Lots of 'health' invention.  Next week I am going to Connected Health in Boston, where I will no doubt walk up and down aisles filled with medication management, chronic disease devices, and every type of tech to help doctors do a better job of care of their patients -- and presumably to help patients take better care of themselves. >>> Read more . . .

Memories, Unlocked

Old movies enable those with dementia to recapture old memories.


Devices on horizon aim to help Alzheimer's, dementia patients

To use the MemeXerciser (Carnegie Mellon project), a person with memory loss wears a small Microsoft-built camera that automatically takes hundreds of pictures during a selected activity — a party, a wedding, a day trip.


Caregivers struggle with balancing act (part 1 of series)

Transportation, respite services, support for caregivers, home care, affordable services and increased awareness were cited as areas needing attention.

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