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Tracking Vital Signs with Smart Phone Apps

Using a smart phone app to track vital signs.


Shared medical Visits Gain in Popularity

Group visits make routine appointment schedules more avaiable.


Tunstall receives clearance to market Wireless Telehealth Monitor in USA


30-04-2009 - Tunstall receives FDA 510(k) clearance to market Wireless Telehealth Monitor with built-in GSM/GPRS Mobile Phone Technology in USA

San José, California, April 30, 2009 – Tunstall Healthcare has announced the launch of its RTX3371 telehealth monitor - an interactive telehealth device with in-built GSM/GPRS mobile phone technology that collects vital signs wirelessly from a range of external devices such as weight scales and blood pressure cuffs. >>> Read more . . .

Ankota Home Care Software Solutions


Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA: Ankota joins an all star cast including former president Bill Clinton at the World Health Information Technology Congress, which runs from November 8th through the 10th at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  Ankota has been invited to share best practices in Home Care Scheduling and Transitional Care at the Exhibition.  In addition to other conference activities, Ankota will be presenting a poster Entitled Enabling Home Care Delivery to be as Efficient as FedEx and UPS.  For a >>> Read more . . .

On Aging in Place versus Healthcare Unbound

Having watched the home health technology market crawl along at a snail’s pace for most of the last decade, I’m excited to expand my focus to aging in place.  I see a fundamental — and absolutely critical — difference between the narrow focus of healthcare unbound/remote health monitoring market and the more expansive purview of aging in place.  That difference can be summed up as the difference between fear and hope. >>> Read more . . .

PERS -- growth for security dealers,misleading for seniors and caregivers

This has been going on for some time -- the slow or no growth in the home security industry -- and the potential for expanding into a new line of business offering Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), aka 'medical alarms'. This security industry article outlines the great opportunity for home security providers and their 'rapid response' (RMR) call center vendors. These paragraphs from the article about the anticipated boom (11.6% annual growth) caught my eye - and particular items are here in bold: >>> Read more . . .

Forbes Interview with Philips CEO

CEO Gerard Kleisterlee: "where we have our place and where we are investing and focusing: things like remote monitoring and technologies that help to cure or to monitor and manage these diseases."


Remote technologies poised to become a key part of home health care

Considering remote technologies (like GE QuietCare) and the question of privacy.


Connected Health Symposium -- Patients, Doctors -- People and Aging

Reimbursement pain is so last-year. The 2008 Connected Health Symposium was, I thought, a somewhat gloomy affair -- gnashing of teeth and hand wringing over government and insurer footdragging, limited market penetration, and still no reimbursement for remote monitoring and other telehealth technologies. This year, despite a worsening economy, the mood was much perkier. >>> Read more . . .

Telecare Aware Follows the Connected Health symposium

Updates from Donna Cusano, for TelecareAware.

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