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Connecticut -- aging population, not enough direct care workers

Connecticut’s elderly population will increase 69 percent by the year 2030 while the number of direct-care health workers is expected to decline 10 percent, the report states.


E-nagging Can Increase Healthy Activity

Trial shows that receiving automated e-mail reminders to do healthy activities works.


What about the 'Medical Home'? Looking at IBM's vision for Patient Centered Medical Care

Recently I sat next to a neurologist on a flight who complained to me about a vexing problem. Elderly patients with dementia would arrive at her office to have their medications adjusted, but would bring no documentation of what they were already taking. Often the patient arrived from an Assisted Living or nursing home facility -- their excuse? Carrying the paperwork in the van was a violation of the patient's privacy. >>> Read more . . .

Mass General Effort to Curb Costs to Serve Elderly

System tries to reduce hospitalizations and re-admissions.



Not ADLS (Activities of daily living), but ODLs (Observations of daily living).


It's time to give nursing homes a break

So there aren't enough home care aides to take care of us now, let alone when the boomers hit prime time age 85+. Such a great human interest story for the Washington Post Magazine, ya gotta love it.  And I know how we all want to age in place, sitting alone in our own living rooms, with the home health care aide coming in to care for and check on us. And key to the plot -- our deep fear of nursing homes. >>> Read more . . .

No surprise -- growing need for home care aides

Lowest paid, more of them needed, unassisted by any monitoring technology.


Hospitals lack incentive to keep seniors well

No incentives for prevention. Empty beds mean lost revenue.


Tech vendors -- aging in place market -- trying to make a difference

As I try to make sense out of the aging in place technology market, new companies or companies new to me regularly surface, contacting me or being referred by others. These vendors will make their way into the July vendor update release of the Aging in Place Technology Market Overview.  These are all launched (or in beta), but perhaps not well known in the marketplace as they could and should be. Here are some of them you should bookmark -- all valuable solutions for boomers and seniors, improving technology access, personal or medical care: >>> Read more . . .

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