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Securus, Inc. Announces General Availability of eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System

Cary, NC (May 15, 2012) — Securus, Inc., the leading provider of mobile safety and security GPS products,
announced today the general availability of the eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System. This next-­‐
generation locator enables seniors to live independently for longer and gives caregivers the comfort of
knowing that with the click of a button, help is on the way.
“Since more seniors are living active and independent lives, we have produced a product and service for
them to assure them and their families that they are never truly alone. To give peace of mind to as many
families as possible, we have designed a premium product at an affordable price,” said Chris Newton,
President and CEO of Securus, Inc.
eCare+Voice was designed to enable active seniors to live confidently and independently. It is a one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐
kind, compact emergency phone that connects users with the Securus Emergency Care Center via two-­‐way
voice communication, just by pressing the alert button. Unlike other medical alert devices, eCare+Voice is
fully self-­‐contained and works indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the US, with a powerful microphone and
speaker built directly into the unit. The eCare+Voice unit has a long-­‐lasting battery and can be recharged
using a cord-­‐free, inductive charging pad.
“A critical finding we pulled from the market is the desire for caregivers to be actively involved in their loved
ones’ daily lives,” continued Newton. “We have designed eCare+Voice with caregivers in mind: we enable
them to track their loved ones on a map if there is ever a concern about their whereabouts, and they can also
receive text and email alerts.”
At any time, the user can press the SOS button and be connected with an emergency specialist at the
Emergency Care Center. During the call, the specialist will calmly talk the user through the situation at hand.
The emergency specialist will have the user’s relevant medical and personal information as well as location.
The specialist will quickly assess the situation and either assists directly, contact the caregiver and/or
dispatch rescuers to the scene. eCare+Voice uses A-­‐GPS and cellular network technologies to pinpoint the
user’s location and movements, and it transmits location information quicker than standard GPS.
“The new eCare device is the result of close partnership and perfect synergy between the hardware vender
and service provider,” said Michael Xu, CEO of Micron Electronics, the manufacturer of this latest portable
GPS tracker. “It is yet another example of our passion to design and manufacture the most technologically
advanced and consumer friendly personal GPS tracking devices. We are confident that the quality and
functionality of this device will satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumers.”
This next-­‐generation locator enables seniors to live independently for longer and gives caregivers the comfort
of knowing that with the click of a button, help is on the way.
To learn more about eCare+Voice and purchase online, visit
About Securus, Inc.:
Securus, Inc. is focused on deploying GPS-­‐enabled solutions for the Safety and Security market. Securus has
developed a complete GPS technology platform, “GPS as a Service,” enabling the Company and its market
partners to deliver tailored GPS hardware and software solutions specifically designed for each vertical on
one streamlined interface. Securus’ strategy is to partner with leading companies in each vertical market to
ensure best-­‐of-­‐class solutions for customers. Securus’ products are designed for college students, individuals
with special needs, pet protection, child safety and law enforcement. Through its wholly owned subsidiary,
Zoombak, Inc., general purpose and vehicle tracking locators are sold through national retail chains.
Visit Securus at and learn more about Zoombak at
Media Contact: Amanda Goldfarb: 866-­‐989-­‐7768 | |
About Micron Electronics:
Micron Electronics LLC was formed in 2008 as a global supplier of M2M technology and products. Micron
Electronics specializes in the research, designing, manufacturing, and marketing the next generation portable
GPS tracking devices based on multiple technology platforms including GSM/ EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and
various 3G and LTE technologies. Micron strives to produce portable GPS positioning devices that combine
the quality of industrial products and the appeal of trendy consumer products.

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