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Demographic born between 1946 and 1964.

MetLife -- Are boomers in the middle...of self-delusion?

Baby boomers born between 1952 and 1958 -- not getting old any time soon.  I've often thought that one end of the baby boomer age range has nothing in common with the other end.  Okay, that doesn't mean that it should be sub-divided into three groups.  But so it goes -- MetLife released its Boomers in the Middle report about the attitudes of this age range, individuals aged 52 to 58 during 2010.  They view themselves, not surprisingly, as healthy and describe 'old' as w-a-a-a-y-y-y out there in the future, when they turn 75 (oddly, age 77 for women and age 74 for men -- no doubt due to variations in life expectancy after age 50.) >>> Read more . . .

Pump up the boomer volume on tech hype

CNBC wants to believe boomers represent big business. Tom Brokaw says it is so about 'boomer$' -- in a book and a CNBC upcoming TV special. Since baby boomers are 'history's wealthiest and most influential generation', it must have made sense to send CNBC's Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman out to sniff out boomer tolerance for technology -- especially given the Microsoft-AARP 2009 conversational focus group study about Boomers and Technology (to sum that up -- boomers like technology, but want it to be more intuitive.) >>> Read more . . .

The Cost of an E-Book

Price increases are reacted to with hostility by older readers.


Village groups help seniors remain in their homes

Considering different models of 'village' groups.


Del Webb survey of boomers

Retirement plans delayed 4 years.


Amazon buys a touch screen company

Buying Touchco, Amazon gets ready to take on Apple.


Smoke signals and caregiving apps -- what should they do?

The year of the 'care'. As one VC executive, Andy Donner of Physic Ventures, noted recently, this is the year of the 'care'. There seems to be a growing list of vendors who are trying to offer some sort of 'keep in touch' product that connects an older person with family members who may live elsewhere.  The basic element is to provide some means to signal 'concerned about you' from family members and obtain the response 'I'm all right' from the older family member back to them -- accompanied by the ability to react in the event that the response is not received. >>> Read more . . .

Is the iPad for boomers and seniors? Could be!

So much iHoopla about the iPad. But as the famous saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity and folks at Apple must be having a great time with this. The geeks have weighed in, plenty of snippy negative commentary has been spewed about the Apple iPad (including lots of sophomoric humor about the product name). I particularly enjoyed the whining on the Motley Fool site -- called "Fool Analysts Debate the iPad" which so easily could have been renamed 'Analyst Fools Debate the iPad".  The gist, if you haven't the time to read it, is that it is lacking a phone, camera, and USB port, which it must have, they say, wisely speaking entirely from their own geeky user requirements. But what the heck, they're gonna buy one anyway. >>> Read more . . .

Why Baby Boomers Should Rethink Retirement

The concept of retirement may be becoming 'quaint'.


Intentional Communities -- from Beacon Hill Village to beyond

Intentional communities will continue to expand as baby boomers age and retire.

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