Boomer-Senior Tech Business

Possible business investment area for boomer and aging technology product and service vendors

Senior tech helps baby boomers come of digital age

Elders are interested in using technologies that allow them to stay more connected socially, with family and friends.


CES 2015 Part 3 of 3 – Six more innovations useful for older adults

So many companies, so much press.  So far, even though the gadget gadfly media has produced multiple post-CES articles, they are mostly of the gizmos-for-you and even for those health tech companies like Withings, press caught them in the activity-tracking ‘fun’ wearable category. Some write-ups were good visual tours, and some press folk offered up a ho-hum, nothing new to see here view, like the NY Times – Everything Old is New Again. Which is silly. There were a gazillion new things to see at CES, but no way to make sense of them. The floor layout in both convention centers we were in could best be categorized as dart board random -- except for booth numbers and mega-broad categories. So to finish off this trilogy of post-CES blogs, Part 1 addressed a few tech offerings in the aging-related space. Part 2 took a look at a few of the health-related technology innovations. Finally, a few others that could assist in the older adults market, here some additional picks, only OnKöl and VideoforAlle targeting the senior market. As Ars Technica noted about CES 2015, that's a wrap. >>> Read more . . .

CES 2015 Part 1 – Six New Offerings in the Aging Tech Market

International CES 2015 – overwhelming at every turn. What a relief -- it's over. International CES was an extremely difficult venue to sort into useful categories – the Sands Exhibition Hall (part of Tech West) was filled with every health-related variant of wearable, fitness, and lifestyle improvement like Belty that expands as you eat more – as well as Eureka Park. Watch those fit women peddling bikes and running on treadmills, that distance-measured basketball jump shot, and of course -- the pet-related tracker with the large and tippy stuffed dog.  And they don’t call it International for nothing – walking by, saw (or heard) French entrepreneurs (22% of all startups at CES), the Israeli pavilion, Italian, Spanish, German, and of course, Chinese and Japanese. It is an overwhelming show, not for the faint of heart or foot, and that’s just to get from hotels to conferences and exhibits. >>> Read more . . .

ClarityLife upgrades phone to communications platform

Amplified sound and enlarged keyboards, with display and sound messages, alerts and photographs.


CES 2015: Why Caregiving Deserves More Tech Focus

CES 2015: David Inns talks about tech needs of older generation.


Pets, boomers, and health – an Everyday (Health) occurrence

The baby boomer population is the first generation of ‘humanizing’ pet owners.


Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Boomer

Walt Mossberg, gone from the WSJ, but still an Apple enthusiast. How about a $650 or $750 iPhone?


The WSJ readers are boomers -- someone should tell the tech writers

The Wall Street Journal thinks that tech will change your life. Perhaps it will even rock your 2015.  Rocking their 2015 is just the kind of experience that WSJ readers -- average age of 57 -- really want.  But the Journal, ever hopeful for pushing down the subscriber age into the ad world's desirable 20’s and 30’s, hopes that the readers will be as excited as their current breathless tech columnists Fowler and Stern. So they want its boomer audience to grasp How to Get Ready. But of course! Starting with Windows 10 – which will have a resurrected Start menu and yes, it will improve multi-tasking – by the fall of 2015. Now aren't you excited? >>> Read more . . .

Elder-care challenges prompt tech executives to create startups, apps

Silicon Valley executives from the "sandwich generation” have left jobs to launch mobile and digital health startups.


50 Nevada AARP Members Set to #DisruptAging at 2015 CES


AARP will unleash 50 tech-savvy seniors on the 2015 CES Show to test drive the technology and see if it meets the wants and needs of 50+ consumers. Wearing #DisruptAging shirts, 50 volunteers will explore the Lifelong Tech Pavilion at the Sands Expo on Tuesday, January 6 starting at 10:30 a.m., with a consumer eye toward whether investors and inventors hit the mark on cutting-edge products that people 50+ are waiting for. Several of the members will also participate in a panel from 12–12:30 p.m. >>> Read more . . .

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