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Walking keeps seniors from returning to the hospital

Walking requires coordinated efforts of multiple systems - musculoskeletal, motor control, pulmonary/cardio function.


Video Game Company Launches Campaign for Senior Care Tech

Launching a crowd-funding campaign to develop an interactive falls prevention video game called Zoezi Park.


Eight New Technologies from AARP's Health Innovation@50+

May 30 marked the beginning of the AARP Life@50+ National Event in Las Vegas – and it also marks the results of the Health Innovation@50+ event sponsored by the Thought Leadership team led by Jody Holtzman at AARP. The finalists are noted below, with their descriptions drawn from the AARP website.  Not noted are two firms, Lively and CareMerge, that we have described following the 2013 What’s Next Summit in Chicago. Here are the other eight finalists, all information is from the AARP site: >>> Read more . . .

New fitness centers cater to aging baby boomers

Gyms run by and for baby boomers.


Fitbit Flex commercially launches with Bluetooth 4.0, active minutes tracking

Fitbit has commercially launched its first wristworn activity and sleep tracking device, Fitbit Flex.


Five percent of broadband households have digital fitness devices

5 percent of households with broadband internet have at least one digital fitness device.


These Videogame Sites Are for 'Mature' Audiences Only

Video gamers are extending their playing days in virtual versions of the 'senior' leagues, that is, people age 25+.


Is the FitBit One Ready for Senior Living and exercise?

Not just yet -- but the next version, maybe.


Wearables, fitness and activity tracking for seniors -- nowhere in mHealth

Wearables – they’re all the rage now.  A $1.5 billion market by 2014, or maybe $6 billion by 2016. That number includes products that are not yet on the market like Google Glass which is due out late 2013 or early 2014. Pogue describes a prototype which has packed “memory, a processor, a camera, speaker and microphone, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and a battery, all inside the earpiece.” Good luck to us unlucky enough to be in a car while you are enjoying this power.  Today's texting distractions have drivers swiveling all over the highways, walkers slamming into telephone poles and joggers tripping over tree roots. >>> Read more . . .

Hacker uses a Kinect to help his mom use email after a stroke

Kinect-enabled interface that lets her move her hand around a series of simple icons that can create an e-mail.

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