Learning, working, contribution and legacy

Lifelong learning, telephone-based learning, resources for finding volunteer and paid work, ability for seniors to pass on stories and wisdom about their lives & communicate with others,

With Less Financial Security, Older Workers Stay On The Job

30% of people aged 65-70 still working.


Houston Company Launches First-of-Its-Kind Estate Planning & Organization Software – MyLifeBridge™


According to a 2012 survey from the renowned online legal service, Rocket Lawyer, almost three-quarters (71%)of adults under the age of 34 do not have a will - and 41% of aging Baby Boomers do not have one!If this data is true, what are the odds that they have not organized their important accounts, documents, key phone numbers and other personal information should something happen to them? MyLifeBridge™ estate planning software solves this problem by organizing all of this information in one place for that time when it’s needed. >>> Read more . . .

Why seniors are on the job and staying there

"Do not let anyone talk you out of working as long as you wish. Age is just a number. Interest and energy are what count."


You call this Retirement?

AARP: The boomer generation must continue to work.


Work and jobs -- where is the Studs Terkel of today?

Will the next mid-life crisis be at 75?  Sixty is the new sixty, says Marc Freedman. Attending a recent event, I was an audience member exhorted to consider the ever-greater expansion of time available to make sure that it is time well-lived. What does that mean in the context of life’s purpose, whether we are prepared to competently approach our very long retirement years with not-enough-saved or will we have an encore career or two? He quoted the comment of an older adult about their potentially very long future: "I’m on my next-to-last dog." Working part time – is that a next-to-last career? Volunteering – is that a career?  In one session I heard the word 'work' used for effort that is "paid or unpaid."  How mangled is our language that volunteering without pay is now called working? >>> Read more . . .

For Many Older Americans, an Entrepreneurial Path

For the last decade, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to those aged 55-64.


The Business of Aging

The real business opportunity will be services and products for the elderly...and poor.


Working Longer: Still the Best Path to a Better Retirement

Working past the traditional retirement age is not a choice but a necessity.


When working until age 70 isn't enough

Per EBRI: for one-third of working-age households, working until 70 won't provide adequate retirement income.

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