baby boomers

Demographic born between 1946 and 1964.

Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans

Nearly two-thirds of those between 45 and 60 plan delays, a steep rise from two years earlier.


Start me up: Fund boomer entrepreneurs

Do VCs trust anyone over the age of 35?


Boomers living in the wired home

Remote controlling your house from your iPhone -- so now the home automation market will take off.


Coughlin: Senior Living Industry Prepping for Most Disruptive Generation Yet: The Boomers

Couldn't have said it better -- don't plan for tech today, plan for change.


AARP:Hey Entrepreneurs, What's your 50+ Strategy?

Speak to that market segment that controls $3.5 trillion in consumer spending -- Life@50+.


Let's push back on tech’s ‘new wave’ driven by data

About those ad words – can we outsmart them?  Just read an approving and syndicated Times article about the latest data-driven tech that uses what we access online to present us with more of the same. Given my predilection to write e-mails about the age-related technology space, the all-knowing Google regularly presents me with ads for products based on the messages I send and receive. Some ads are for vendors who are my clients, none of them are my suppliers.  As is typical, I don’t notice for a while and then – in a flash, out of the corner of my eye, I see – duh, there’s a pattern here.  So I do what you all should do regularly – tell Google these not only aren’t relevant, YOU are not who they think you are, you are someone else.  You can opt out – but, sigh, "Google may still show relevant ads based on the content of a web page" that you are viewing. But it will not ‘collect’ your interest-based information to show you more relevant content. Whew. By looking at your ads preference manager page, you can, however, change your demographic profile – making yourself older/younger than you actually are (or what Google thinks you are). This may be a wise move. >>> Read more . . .

When working until age 70 isn't enough

Per EBRI: for one-third of working-age households, working until 70 won't provide adequate retirement income.


Skilled work, without the worker

A new wave of robots is replacing workers around the world in both manufacturing and distribution.


AARP has new help for older workers

Work Reimagined, which starts today, is a joint project with the social-media site LinkedIn, which can help consumers navigate online.


Older Americans upbeat about aging, future: survey

USA TODAY partnered with UnitedHealthcare and NCOA to gauge the attitudes of Americans age 60 and above.

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