baby boomers

Demographic born between 1946 and 1964.

The AARP is looking for some good Baby Boomer entrepreneurs to back

On a mission to both bring more innovation to the 50+ crowd and sow entrepreneurial seeds among the demographic.


For Modern Retirees, There’s No Place Like Home

The desire to stay in one’s home as long as possible and the interest in living in big-city neighborhoods or suburban downtowns.


One day a new vision of retirement

One day, we will change the meaning of Retirement.


Five New Technologies to Make Driving easier

Steer by wire system for those boring commutes.


We the people are losing the user interface design war

The car -- the pointer doesn’t point. I have ranted for a long time that because something can be designed, it probably will. Do we need it? Do we want it? Not necessarily. The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil describes the new man-machine interface in the Lexus RX 350 F Sport -- the MMI (how cute), a car’s User Interface (UI, or UX/user experience design). His beef is with what sounds like a design-because-it-can-be Remote Touch Controller. He finds it difficult to aim the ‘cursor’ (no back arrow, just a menu selection) to manipulate a menu to back up the selections on an 8-inch LCD display. In a car?? Didn’t AARP say that boomers and beyond have all the spending power?  Good thing, the tested model was $53,000. And isn’t 59 the average age of the Lexus buyer? >>> Read more . . .

7 ways boomers are rewriting the rules fo retirement

Mark Miller on the 'surprising' aspects of boomers' plans.


Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans

Nearly two-thirds of those between 45 and 60 plan delays, a steep rise from two years earlier.


Start me up: Fund boomer entrepreneurs

Do VCs trust anyone over the age of 35?


Boomers living in the wired home

Remote controlling your house from your iPhone -- so now the home automation market will take off.

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