baby boomers

Demographic born between 1946 and 1964.

Conference to Explore Latest Baby Boomer Consumer Trends in Mobile, E-Commerce and Gaming


Marketers, Brand Managers, and Entrepreneurs to Gain Deeper Understanding of Boomers' Adoption and Use of New Technologies at What's Next Boomer Business Summit

Technology is king at the What's Next Boomer Business Summit on March 28, 2012 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C. Distinguished speakers will discuss mobile technology, gaming, and e-commerce trends that are influencing Baby Boomers' purchasing decisions and meeting unmet needs in this key demographic, which represents approximately 78 million Americans. >>> Read more . . .

Boomers are wired to stay wired forever

Matt Thornhill, Boomer Project: "The advent of Siri means the end of the era when humans have to adapt to new technology."


Senior-friendly tech as seen dashing through the show (CES in one 6-mile Fitbit day)

Purrfect Pet. The PARO therapeutic robot is a pretty darn cool contraption. Shaped like a stuffed furry baby seal, it has five kinds of sensors built into itself: tactile, light, sound, temperature and posture. PARO’s sensors can “feel” being stroked or being held. It can also recognize the direction of voice and words such as its name. It moves, looks at you, blinks and closes its eyes, purrs and other pet-like actions and it is supposed to learn your desires and behave appropriately over time. >>> Read more . . .

Aging and Broke, More Lean on Family

Eighteen percent of unemployed Americans 55 and older said they borrowed from family or friends other than adult children, while one in 25 reported moving in with family or friends to save money,


Aging Baby Boomers and the Question of Where to Live

Architect and gerontologist are interviewed about the 'unassisted living' world of future aging boomers.


Boomers redefine retirement with encore careers

After the job, what's next.


Most baby boomers expect to work after 65

Among baby boomers, 73 percent plan to work past retirement -- a number that's up six percent since March.


AARP: 96% of Low-Income 50+ Homeowners Burdened by Housing Costs

Especially for renters and those who haven’t paid off their mortgages.


Older but wiser, middle age is a prime time for finance

Be suspicious about advice from anyone under 50.


Boomers seen trending towards smaller homes, aging in place

New report from Harvard (The State of the Nation's Housing 2011) indicates that the majority of boomers want to stay where they are, but some will downsize to smaller homes.

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