Industry Trend Studies and Surveys By Date

Merrill Lynch/Age Wave: Homes in Retirement, February 27, 2015

True Link: Report on Elder Financial Abuse, January 28, 2015

Pew: Social Media Update 2014, January 9, 2015

Parks Associates, The Connected Car: A Value Chain in Flux, January 5, 2015

Startup Health Annual Insights Report, 2014 Year End, December 22, 2014

US Census: Computer and Internet Use in the United States as of 2013, November, 2014

Frost and Sullivan: Personal Emergency Response Systems Intensify Buzz, November, 2014

Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era, November, 2014

The 2014 Long Term Care Industry iPod Value Report, November, 2014

Google: Inside the World of Professional E-mail Hijackers, November, 2014

Parks Associates: CEA Smart Home Ecosystem -- Internet of Things and Consumers, November, 2014

WSJ: Society of Actuaries Longevity Estimates for Men and Women aged 65, October, 2014 Nearly Half of Family Caregivers Spend Over $5,000 Per Year on Caregiving Costs, September, 2014

Deloitte: Using Sensor Technology to Lower Elder Care Costs, July, 2014

AARP: Health Innovations at 50+ Updated, August-September, 2014

Parks Associates: New Research Reveals 4 Segments of Digital Health Consumers, August, 2014

NAC: Catalyzing Technology to Support Family Caregiving, July, 2014

NCOA: United States of Aging, July, 2014

Harvard: State of the Nation's Housing, June, 2014

CENSUS: 65+ In the United States, June, 2014

AARP: Challenging Innovators to Match Offerings to the Needs of Older Adults, June, 2014

Nielsen: How Consumers Use Smartphones and Wearable Tech to Track Their Health, April, 2014

Pew: Online Americans and Data Breaches, April, 2014

Stanford: CARS Research and Affiliate News, April, 2014

Pew: Older Adults and Technology Use, April, 2014

Nielsen: The Age Gap, Global Aging Report, February, 2014

Pew: The Web at 25, February, 2014

NCHS: 2013's Long-Term Care Services in the United States, February, 2014

Pew: 6 new facts about Facebook, February, 2014

Pew: Global Attitudes about Aging, January, 2014

Pew: E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps, January, 2014

Gallup: American Ownership of Consumer Electronics Devices, 2014

Pew: Social Media Update, December, 2013

Consumer interest in purchasing wearable fitness devices, December, 2013

How Americans View Libraries, December, 2013

Intel Examines Public Attitudes on Health Tech, December, 2013

Leading Age/CAST Technology Survey, December, 2013

NEJM: Dementia Risk May be Declining, November, 2013

Pew: The Diagnosis Difference, November, 2013

IMS Institute: Patient Apps for Improved Healthcare, November, 2013

Philips: Next Generation Technology Summary Report, November, 2013

Pew: Twitter News Consumers, Young, Mobile, and Educated, November, 2013

AP-NORC: Working Longer, October, 2013

Pew: Photo and Video Sharing Grow Online, October, 2013

Pew: Online Dating in the Digital Era, October, 2013

Pew: Update, Tablet Ownership, October, 2013

Pew: Online Video, October, 2013

EverydayHealth: Special Report From Boomers to Seniors, October, 2013

Pew: Who's Not Online And Why, September, 2013

Pew: Cell Phone Activities, September, 2013

Pew: Anonymity, Privacy and Security Online, September, 2013

NEHHC: Emerging Post Retirement Trends, August, 2013

Pew: Home Broadband 2013

AARP: The Aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap, August, 2013

Pew: 51% of US Adults (24% of seniors) Bank Online, August, 2013

Pew: Social Networking Usage, August, 2013

NCOA: United States of Aging Survey, July, 2013

Nationwide: Baby Boomers Have Mistaken Ideas about Long-Term Care, June, 2013

Pew: Family Caregivers are Wired for Health, June, 2013

AARP: Supporting Family Caregivers, June, 2013

Pew: Tablet Ownership, June, 2013

Pew: Smartphone Ownership, June, 2013

Meeker: Mobile Devices Trends Report, May, 2013

KPMG: An Uncertain Age, Re-Imagining Long-Term Care, May, 2013

CTA: The New Era of Connected Aging, 2013

CCAL: Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm, 2013

MetLife: A Fifteen-Year Retrospective, 2013

AARP: A Connection for All Ages, 2013

AARP: Member Opinion Survey 2012, Technology May, 2013

Genworth: Cost of Long-term Care, 2013

MetLife: Chronic Illness in the 40+, 2013

Rand: Monetary Costs of Dementia in the US, 2013

Pew: Coming and Going on Facebook, February, 2013

Pew: Tracking for Health, January, 2013

Pew: Internet Health Online January, 2013

Philips: The Freedom to Age Well, January, 2013

The Demographics of Social Media Users, 2012

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: International Approaches, December, 2012

E-book Reading Jumps; Print Book Declines, December, 2012

VA: Overview of Telehealth in the US, December, 2012

Report to Congress: Aging Services Technology Study, December, 2012

BPC: Healthcare: Engaging Consumers Using Electronic Tools December 2012

Pew: Cell Phone Activities 2012

Pew: Mobile Health 2012

AARP: Paper by Choice: People of all ages prefer retirement statements on paper, November, 2012

Deloitte: The Role of Technology in Healthcare Consumer Engagement, October, 2012

AARP: Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care, Oct, 2012

CAST: Where are LTPAC Providers Spending their Technology Dollars 2012?

Pew: Photos and Videos as Social Currency Online, September, 2012

Pew: Smartphone Ownership, September, 2012

IOM: Best Care at Lower Cost, September, 2012

National Perspectives on Quality Long-Term Care, September, 2012

WEF: Global Population Ageing: Peril or Promise, 2012

Milkin: Best Cities for Successful Aging, August, 2012

Pew: Mobile Phone Problems, August, 2012

Fidelity: Inter-family Generational Finance Study, July, 2012

Pew: Family Caregivers Online, July, 2012

Boston College: The National Risk Retirement Index, 2012

Pew: Future of Smart Systems, 2012

Pew: Cell Phone Internet Use, 2012

Forrester: What are Online Seniors Doing, June, 2012

Report to Congress: Aging Services Technology Study, June, 2012

Pew: Libraries, patrons and e-books, June, 2012

Pew: Older Adults and Internet Use, June, 2012

Pew: Twitter Use 2012

Pew: The Future of Gamification, May, 2012

Pew: Smartphone owners and Location-Based Services, September, 2012

NeilsenWire: State of Appnation - A Year of Change, May, 2012

AgeTech CA: Home Telehealth in California, April, 2012

Pew: Just-in-time Information through Mobile Connections, April, 2012

MetLife: Transitioning into Retirement, April, 2012

WHO: Dementia, A Public Health Priority, April, 2012

Genworth: The Cost of Long-Term Care, April, 2012

Pew: Digital Differences, April, 2012

NHC: Housing an Aging Population, April, 2012

Pew: The Rise of e-Reading, April, 2012

Pew: Smartphone Ownership, March, 2012

TechNet: Broadband Adoption in 2012, March, 2012

Pew: Privacy Settings on Social Media Sites, February, 2012

Linkage: Technology Survey Report, February, 2012

AARP/Microsoft: Connecting Generations, February, 2012

Pew: Facebook Users Get More than they Give, February, 2012

MetLife: Multi-Generational Views on Obligations, January, 2012

Pew: Tablet and e-reader Ownership Nearly Doubles, January, 2012

AARP: Aging in Place, a State Survey of Livability, December, 2011

CAST: Preparing for the Future, December, 2011

Pew: The Internet as a Diversion, December, 2011

Pew: Why Americans Use Social Media, November, 2011

Nielsen: Smartphone Adoption by Age, November, 2011

MetLife: Survey of Long-term Care Costs, 2011

Pew: The Tablet Revolution and Future of News, 2011

MetLife: Retirement Income IQ, October, 2011

AARP: State Housing Profiles, October, 2011

Dychtwald: Riding the Age Wave: How Healthcare Can Stay Afloat, October, 2011

Harvard: The State of the Nation's Housing, October, 2011

Pew: Americans and Text Messaging, September, 2011

McKinsey: Spurring the market for high-tech home health care, September, 2011

Pew: Social Networking Site Usage, August, 2011

Pew Research data on tech usage among boomers, seniors, August, 2011

Nielsen: Changing Demographics of Tablet and eReader Owners, August, 2011

Americans and their Cell Phones, August, 2011

Pew: Search and Email Top the List of Online Activities, August, 2011

MetLife: Report on American Grandparents, July, 2011

AARP: Valuing the Invaluable: Cost of Caregiving, July, 2011

Pew: Use of Video-Sharing Sites, July, 2011

Pew: Smartphone Adoption, July 2011

ESA: Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, July 2011

Pew: E-Readership Ownership Doubles In Six Months, June 2011

Social Networking Sites and our Lives, June 2011

MetLife: Caregiving Costs to Working Caregivers, June 2011

Pew: Internet Phone Calls, May 2011

AARP: Home and Community-Based Long-Term Services, May 2011

Pew: The Social Life of Health Information, May, 2011

AARP: Healthy@Home 2.0, April, 2011

AARP: Connected Living for Social Aging: Designing Technology for All, April, 2011

National Vital Statistics Report: Death Rates/Life Expectancy, March, 2011

AARP: Voices of 50+ America Dreams & Challenges, February, 2011

Pew: Peer-to-Peer Healthcare, February, 2011

MetLife: What America Thinks, February, 2011

Mary Meeker: Top mobile internet trends, February, 2011 Boomers -- Generation Alzheimer's, February, 2011

Nielsen: The Global Impact of an Aging World, February, 2011

Pew: Generations and Their Gadgets, February, 2011

Pew: Searching for Health Information Online, February, 2011

MetLife Quick Facts, January, 2011

AARP: Ownership, Use and Interest in Mobile Technology/Health, January, 2011

AARP:  The Impact of the Recession on Long-term Services/Supports, January , 2011

Pew: Americans Living with Disability, Tech Profile, January, 2011

Pew: The Social Side of the Internet, January, 2011

MIT Enterprise Forum: Boomers, Technology, Health January, 2011

NAC: eConnected Family Caregiver January, 2011

AARP: Approaching 65, Survey of Baby Boomers January, 2011

MetLife/NAHB: Housing Trends Update for the 55+ Market, January, 2011

US Census: Computers and Internet Use, 2010

Pew: Use of the Internet - Generations 2010

Pew: The People Who Use Twitter, December, 2010

Rand: Health and Well-Being in the Home, December, 2010

Philips: Center for Health and Well-being, A Global Perspective, November, 2010

Pew: Location-Based Services, November, 2010

Pew: Mobile Health 2010

Pew: Americans and their Gadgets, October, 2010

Families and Work Institute: Working in Retirement October 2010

AARP: Loneliness Among Older Adults 45+ September, 2010

MetLife: Early Boomers September 2010

MetLife: AIP 2.0, the Future of Aging in Place September 2010

Pew: Cell Phones and American Adults September 2010

MetLife: QuickFacts September 2010

Pew: Older Adults and Social Media, August, 2010

Pew: Broadband 2010 -- a Big Slowdown August 2010

Older Americans 2010: Key Indicators of Well-being July 2010

AoA: Profile of Older Americans 2010

Families and Work Institute: Working in Retirement, a 21st Century Phenomenon July 2010

Pew: Mobile Access 2010   July 2010

AARP: Social Networking and Baby Boomers June 2010

CDC: Wireless Substitution Survey May 2010

SCAN Foundation: Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring of Older Adults April 2010

Del Webb Annual Baby Boomer Survey, April, 2010

Consumers and Health IT, California Healthcare Foundation, April, 2010

Pew: Chronic Disease and the Internet, March, 2010

MetLife: Boomers in the Middle, 2010

Urban Land Institute: Housing in America: The Next Decade

Internet, Broadband and Cell Phone Usage (Pew) December 2009

 Labor Force Projections to 2018, December 2009

Caregiving in the US 2009

Caregiving in the US 2009 -- Caregiving for those Age 50+

What Boomers Want from Technology AARP-Microsoft 2009

Internet Use and Depression Among the Elderly, October, 2009

The Future of Healthcare is Social (Fast Company) October, 2009

MetLife: Buddy Can You Spare a Job: October, 2009

MetLife: 55+, Builders, Buyers, Beyond 2009

Seniors help fuel growth of mobile web, Nielsen, September, 2009

The Benefits of Exercising for Older Adults, September, 2009

Canadian Study Surveys Boomers and Seniors About Aging 2009

Pew Internet Home Broadband Adoption 2009

Assisted Living Federation of America Survey Overview 2009

Healthcare Without the Doctor (California Healthcare Foundation, May, 2009)

Older Workers on The Move -- Recareering in Later Life AARP and The Urban Institute, May, 2009

VA Successful Outcomes Home Telehealth, December 2008

Kaiser Permanente Vision for the Future of Healthcare