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Boston area -- July 17-August 26, 2015

Boston, September 15-16, 2015

LeadingAge Boston November 1-4, 2015

Health 2.0, Santa Clara, CA, October 4-7, 2015


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A call for recent launch info -- prior to leaf and launch season

It's only early October -- many trade shows and events ahead. Prior to attending any of the fall and winter product launching events, I wanted to let you know of some companies I've heard from in recent months -- and invite those in the aging technology, caregiver website/directory business, and telehealth arena to send me your press releases (now posted on the site). And if you know of someone I should know about, let me know.

MedMinder -- Maya Medication dispensing unit, an "intelligent pillbox equipped with wireless technology and a web application." With 28 compartments and administration through the web, multiple channels of reminder, including e-mail, phone.  Medminder Systems launched in May, 2009. Priced at $77.50 with a monthly subscription $29.95. From the Boston, MA area, Eran Shavelsky, Founder and CEO, Learn more at

RememberItNow. This Orinda, CA company, launched this past year with an online personal health system that includes mdedication reminders, med lists, calendar, contacts, and ability to keep a journal. It is in beta now, pricing not yet on the website.  Founded by Pamela Swingley, learn more at

IMA and the Virtual Specialist. This firm of telecom industry veterans plans to provide better ways to route and connect video consultations, potentially an enabler for nursing homes and assisted living facility residents. As described, "a software solution that converts existing PCs into telemedicine terminals and existing IP networks into health information networks." It includes a specialist Point of Care terminal, a Virtual Specialist Locator, and a Virtual Specialist Workstation. Pricing TBD. Phoenix, AZ, Skip Rodenbush, Founder and CEO.

CareFlash.  Founded in 2006, an online "private care community" website with included content about the relevant caregiving health or medical condition, including Alzheimer's Disease -- and provides a scheduling tool for enabling caregivers to request and obtain respite and help with caregiving tasks. It was founded by Jay Drayer, CEO, in Houston.

PawPaw Mail. As described  by founder Jackson Hughes, Decatur, GA, PawPawMail is a senior-focused e-mail program that is fairly heavily managed (both to allow a caregiver some control over scams directed at the Senior and to give the Senior significantly greater ease of use).

CareRunner.  This is 'an application that helps non-professional caregivers manage their tasks and
centralize communication within their care community. In doing so, our goal is to help caregivers focus on their Loved Ones rather than on the numerous difficult tasks associated with providing care.' Elgin, IL, Mark Kiven, Founder and CEO.

AlwaysConnectedSolutions. Integrated solution offered at three service levels, can include 'fall detection, medication reminders, two-way voice, up-and-about (activity monitoring), water detection and video monitoring.' Just launched, Brentwood, TN, Jay Wasack, Founder and CEO.




Wow! Thanks for reviewing these great new products which are likely to appeal to our clients/members as well as caregivers across Hawaii.

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