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Preloaded iPods for Seniors

This article about taking seniors to a Christmas orchestra concert was a bit depressing. It made me think about all the seniors who can't get into or out of this or any other bus -- or who are unlikely to be asked to go to a concert. It especially reminded me of my late mother who had Alzheimer's and spent her last six years in a nursing home. She loved music, so we brought her a small CD player with headphones, and instructed the staff to put on some Mozart or Ravel to help make her calm and relaxed. That, plus the old movie musicals we left in the room, really helped her mood -- and we enjoyed watching them with her.

So I started thinking about iPods for seniors, no matter how frail -- here's a story about their use by centarians. And that in turn made me think about refurbished ($39!!!), pre-loaded iPods for seniors. Loaded with music perhaps they have mentioned or you think they would like.

Tell me someone is going to add this service to their local non-profit council on aging, or other non-profit agency dedicated to serving seniors.  


Thoughts welcome -- and thanks. 



Here, at C. W. Post College, we have been contacted by one of the local nursing homes to have a used iPod drive. It will be interesting to what kind of a response we get.

We even reached out to the families of our retirement home (300+) and didn't get a single response. We posted the drive on our facebook page and also did not get any responses. This event ios one I am most interested in making a success because of the potentail yet one I am also most frustrated and let down about. My next alternative is to ask the state for some kind of grant. Does anyone have positive results with grants for music therapy?

I am writing out of desperation form Flushing House Retirement Home in Flushing Queens, NY. We have a music therapy class I lead. We are not for profit and have no money. I would do anything for 10-15 pre-loaded iPods but every conduit I have tried to make this ream a reality has fallen on deaf ears. If you or someone who reads this has an idea to help me make this program come to fruition PLEASE contact me at 3475323010. I am the activities director here and this is a fantastic idea. Here's an article about a community that did this and how it changed everything: http://www.retirement-living.com/proaging-network/high-tech-music-therap...

If only we could get our hands on some of these iPods. I love the article but I don't see where or how this facility was able to secure the iPods. We just don't have a budget to purchase them.