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Questionable diagnoses triggered extra Medicare Advantage payments; ‘It’s anatomically impossible’.


Used informally in medical care, despite other approved devices being available to track the same metrics.


Sensi.AI does remote monitoring with small listening pods placed around the home.


AI has innovative solutions that enhance health management, safety, social engagement, cognitive support, and personalized care for seniors in retirement.


 There could be unforeseen, long-term consequences to the concept.

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Remote monitoring


Remote monitoring

Investors and providers must transform AgeTech market from products into suites

The population is aging – and still, the tech solution market is immature.  Investors of all types demonstrate interest in a product here and an offering there.  Competitions highlight product winners; money is raised for one product at a time.  One reason for the immaturity of the market is the behavior of buyers. Senior living companies buy a product for this and an offering for that. The future is predicted to incorporate new technology like AI – but that is always ‘in the future.’ Everyone agrees that AI could enhance retirement living and healthcare, but deployment of new offerings is always described as in the future. No other software categories in tech history – consider office, finance, supply chain –  remain a laundry list of point products when markets expect suites.

End fragmentation in 2024 -- where are the AgeTech solution suites?

The 2024 media message touts aging in place. It’s what everyone wants to do, even those with homes that are difficult to navigate, long distances from family, and must have major modifications to enable remaining there. Yet you read this message nearly every week  -- Next Avenue lauds the benefits, sponsored by Lively from Best Buy Health.  Fortune tests home monitoring systems they say are critical to Aging in Place.  And USA Today publishes a survey that underscores the desire to age in place. So what is the market of tech that will support this goal?  AARP calls it AgeTech – and has a startup directory of new entrants, including categories of health, mobility, caregiving and more.  But that is a list, not a solution.

Life365 and Canary Speech Join Forces, Leveraging Patented Technology to Scale Healthcare Delivery


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Life365, a leader in virtual care, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and patient engagement, and Canary Speech, a developer of vocal biomarker technology forging a new era of machine learning in healthcare, have partnered to scale new, proactive care technologies to large populations of patients cost-effectively, by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare platform. Life365 and Canary Speech hold extensive patent portfolios that include core technology involving wearables and sensors and AI / voice biomarkers.

Caspar.AI Launches Contactless Vitals & Real-time Bed Monitoring Solutions with Arcadia, Shellpoint, and Melur Meadows


Palo Alto, CA. [Jan 25, 2024] - Caspar.AI, an innovator in AI-driven remote healthcare technology, today announced the worldwide launch of its Contactless Vitals & Real-Time Bed Monitoring Solutions. Leveraging 150 billion data points about home behaviors, Caspar.AI's patient-centric models enable remote healthcare providers to extend their services into both facilities and home environments effectively.

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2024 UPDATE: Market Overview Technology for Aging Now Available

Refresh required.  Each year, the Technology for Aging Market Overview is revised in January of the new year.  This year, that revision is being published right after CES 2024, which featured multiple offerings of possible utility to older adults, especially those with physical limitations.  The purpose of the document, however, is to aggregate and review trends from 2023 that shape 2024, technology changes that matter, and offer, by category, a sampling of products, services, and sites of relevance to the older adult market.  As such, the report is intended for those businesses (for-profit, non-profit) and services that want and need to serve the older adult segment.

Iveda and Movement Interactive deliver AI-remote monitoring


MESA, Ariz., Nov 14, 2023 – Iveda® (NASDAQ:IVDA), the global solution for cloud-based AI, announced today that Movement Interactive, powered by Iveda, has delivered on a $200,000 contract with 


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