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A 6-month pilot program using AI recorded 400 resident fall “saves” in a memory care residence.


Considers degree of social isolation in a 'social frailty index.'


Consider the number of interviewees in this study. Sigh.


With Current Health, leveraging Best Buy’s core assets like Geek Squad.


A less-intrusive option for remotely monitoring -- without a wearable.

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Remote monitoring


Remote monitoring

The New Caspar.AI Care App Makes Caregivers More Effective


PALO ALTO, Calif., March 8, 2023 ( - Caspar.AI has launched a new app for caregivers in collaboration with three clients: The Forest at Duke, NC; Heritage at Lyngblomsten, MN; and Ascension Living. The application gives caregivers behavioral data about their residents at their fingertips, making them exponentially more effective.

"We reduced nightly visits by staff with Caspar.AI. This increased our operating efficiency AND improved resident care, both at the same time," said Kelly Fieldhouse, Memory Care Director, United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen.

A Free Service for Seniors to Bring Peace of Mind


CHIANG MAI, Thailand (February 17, 2023)— A new check-in service for
seniors living alone named “I’m Still Okay” was launched on February
17. “I’m Still Okay” is a balanced approach to preparing for
emergencies in a dignified and empowering manner.

David Freidberg, a 73 years old American who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand,
conceived of the idea of a service for seniors living alone. But only after
working with his friend Jouni Flemming, a software engineer from Finland,
this idea materialized into an online service called “I’m Still Okay”.

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Introducing WellAware Care: An Affordable In-Home Safety Solution


BOSTON, Mass (Feb. 27, 2023) - WellAware Care ( offers remote monitoring and fall detection systems for patients with neurological disorders, such as strokes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Patients with these types of conditions are usually senior citizens who are more prone to accidental falls that lead to severe injury and challenging complications. By using remote monitoring technology, patients and their support network can breathe a sigh of relief knowing WellAware Care is scanning the premises in real-time 24/7! 

The Internet of Caring Things -- National Innovation Center for Ageing UK

This white paper describes UK older adult trends -- and describes an initiative to describe technologies and services, The Internet of Caring Things, that serves older adults and provides business opportunities for vendors and services.

The hype of aging in place -- so bad for so many

The articles and tech industry focus on ‘aging in place’ and fear. And it’s not unlike the ‘I’ve Fallen and I can’t Get Up’ fear. AARP fuels it with survey results (77% of the 50+ want to age in place). Free-lance writers follow up with an Aging in Place story citing the survey. It capitalizes on the recent CES with a laundry list of tech offerings that could help with fears -- like sensors, medication management, motion sensors and smart watches to mitigate fear of falling. And AARP helps add brand recognition to the term ‘Age Tech’ with a collaborative of companies at the Nexus of Longevity and Technology to deal with health issues and mitigate fear.  But wait…

Did you miss one? Note January posts about CES 2023, ChatGPT and more

2023 begins with so many announcements, so little time.  The first big event, CES 2023, brought multiple startups and stalwarts to Las Vegas. Ironically, it was not the big tech news of the month – eclipsed by an OpenAI introduction that had appeared in November, but was suddenly noticed – first in December in the media. But then with a possible $29 billion valuation, Microsoft apparently offered up another $10 billion and Google’s ad business was suddenly and first the first time actually challenged.  A few simple test questions ‘(how do families fund nursing homes?’ and ‘what is the definition of dementia?’) and it is clear that the result is more complete than Google’s list of links.  As January’s end, the excitement continues.  Can AI be useful in the older adult markets of home care, senior living and beyond?  Stay tuned.

Insights from 2023 Market Overview Technology for Aging (1 of 4)

The 2023 Technology for Aging Market Overview is publishedWith the establishment of the term AgeTech at CES 2023, the formal interest in the market of offerings for older adults has now been established.  Investors are interested, startups are multiplying, and the landscape is favorable for new and intriguing offerings in the space.  And in some cases, the new offerings are coming from current players.  There are caveats, of course. Tech for all ages remains stubbornly difficult to use, whether it is the frequency of upgrades, the multiple steps to authenticate that the user is not a robot (including checking a box that one is not a robot!) and so it goes. We are not surprised at any of the barriers and pre-requisites we face to log on. And we know that new barriers are just around the corner.


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