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Agree with the skepticism in the title of this article? Answer is NO.


Bill could help save seniors money on home upgrades for aging in place.


Through the 'Meta Pixel' ad tracker.


Smartphones top the purchase list, bringing total US to 90% ownership.


To compete for that same workforce, long-term care firms will look for technology to optimize what they do.

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White papers

These are brief (5-7 pages) documents that can be used to describe a successful use of a technology or service -- including a) defining the market problem, b) defining how the technology or service solved the market problem, and interviewing/quoting stakeholders from the satisfied constituent and the delivering organization.

Philips: The Freedom to Age Well, 2013

Independa: Better Care, Closer Families, Reduced Costs, 2013

MobileHelp: Why Mobility Matters in Aging in Place, 2012

Boosting Medication Adherance with TabSafe 2012

Healthsense: Benefits of Technology in a Philadelphia Pace Program

CareTree: Care in the Home Needs the Underpinning of Technology 2013