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CANADA | JUNE 5, 2020 - AceAge Inc. a healthcare technology company, will be offering Karie, its in-home medication dispenser at participating Care Pharmacy locations across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, with expansion to the rest of Canada coming soon. Karie is a device that automatically organizes and dispenses medication for patients, ensuring the most vulnerable citizens can access the medicine they need at the prescribed times without being reliant on outside intervention.

Care Pharmacies will have the first retail pharmacy locations to offer Karie to residents in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, provinces which are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases.  With this service, Care Pharmacies will ship medications to their patients homes, free of charge - helping to facilitate physical distancing efforts amid the COVID-19 outbreak while supporting effective medication management with the Karie device.

“It is very common for people living on their own, or in retirement homes, to have caregivers or family members come in to help manage their medication. With COVID-19, this poses a risk to vulnerable populations who could be potentially exposed to the virus,” said Spencer Waugh, CEO of AceAge. “By using Karie to manage and dispense medications, we are reducing the risk of exposure while maintaining a high level of care.”

Manufactured in Burlington, Ontario, Karie features a remote monitoring system that provides peace of mind for those unable to check up on their loved ones given the federal government’s call for physical distancing. If a dose of medication is missed, Karie will send a notification to any authorized friend, family member or caregiver, who can provide assistance if needed.

Before the device is ready for use, pharmacists pre-pack Karie with easy-to-open pouches that organize medications by day. When it is time to take the medication, Karie will light up and chime to notify the user. Care Pharmacies will be delivering these pre-packaged medications free of charge to those in need across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. 

“Karie is a virtual caregiver that ensures people who rely on multiple medications are able to access the support they need during this time of physical distancing,” said Ali Reyhany, President and CEO of Care Pharmacies. “New technologies like Karie are essential to helping us get through this pandemic without overburdening the healthcare system.”

With up to one in four hospital patients admitted due to medication errors, Karie provides users with access to proper medical assistance in the comfort of their own homes. AceAge has already sold thousands of devices for people across the world who will rely on Karie as their automated and trusted solution to prescription management. 

“As we navigate through this global pandemic, Karie will continue to help vulnerable populations manage their medications independently to ensure they stay healthy. These types of telemedicine solutions will enable independence, and slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Waugh.

For more information on the Karie device, please visit www.kariehealth.com. For participating Care Pharmacy locations, please contact info@carepharmacies.ca or visit www.carepharmacies.ca .


About AceAge

AceAge Inc. is a healthcare technology company, creating beautiful and intuitive products to ease the aging process. Karie is AceAge's first commercially available product, making medication management as simple as possible. Outfitted with a front facing camera and Bluetooth connectivity, AceAge plans for Karie to become the central fixture of the connected health home. 

About Care Pharmacies

Care Pharmacies is one of the leading independent pharmacy groups in Canada. With 38 pharmacies, mainly in Ontario and British Columbia, Care Pharmacies represents over 2 million prescriptions filled in its stores annually. Through its 38 locations, Care Pharmacies intends to provide industry leading patient care through market leading technology and staff empowerment. 

Website: https://aceage.com/

LinkedIn: @AceAgeInc


For media inquiries, please contact:

Rachael Williams



Friday, June 5, 2020


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