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Adapted Living Announces a New Level of Independence for Seniors and a New Level of Freedom for caregivers

Adapted Living is pleased to announce the introduction of VITACARE, a remote mobile messaging, reminder and monitoring software application (app) for independent seniors and their caregivers.

Now available on the Apple APP Store for iPhones and iPads, VITACARE ™ is based on years of research by Adapted Living and is an innovative and unique software product that allows caregivers, either personal or professional, to maintain constant communications with their loved one (or client). This constant contact significantly enhances the quality of life and independence of seniors, particularly those with memory limitations who require more support than is allowed by the busy schedules of the caregiver, or by the distance that separates loved ones.

Caregivers recognize that technology holds the power to bring significant benefits to both them and their care recipients, helping them to save time, more easily manage the logistics of caregiving, increase their feelings of effectiveness as a caregiver, reduce stress and make their care recipient feel safer. Long-distance caregivers – those who live one hour or more from their care recipient – were especially likely to think that technology could make them feel more effective as a caregiver.

VITACARE™ is, at its core, a messaging, reminder and monitoring system that is highly simplified for both users (caregivers and care recipients) and is packed with features that makes constant contact a reality. Messages are continuously scrolled on the tablet or smartphone screen and can be acknowledged and/or replied to by the client.

In addition to the core messaging, a comprehensive and prioritized client TO DO list and Calendar are available on the home screen and can be generated and appended to by the authorized caregivers. Events appearing on the simplified Calendar are automatically appended to the “Today’s List” with their associated times and alarms.

A simplified Address Book is also included and features not only the names, numbers and addresses of important contacts but also their photographs.

A photo album, updated remotely by the caregivers, allows mom to have the most recent pictures of family members and events and, when in “Brag Book” (slideshow) mode, does not obscure the scrolling messages nor the main menu bars.

These VITACARE™ features enable families and professional caregivers to create and maintain a simple yet effective communications environment to assist seniors with their activities of daily living and provide support for their continued desire to live independently.

VITACARE™ was developed in partnership with emAPPetizer a Montreal (Canada) based full service APP development and publishing company focused on productivity applications for professionals and with Matita Design and Communications. “We all know someone balancing a career, family and watching out for an independent senior. The mobile APP will give the care recipient, caregiver and the medical staff some help and peace of mind” said Bruce Seidel, CEO at emAPPetizer.

About Adapted Living

Adapted Living is a unique resource having assembled a comprehensive set of best-practice information from sources around the world. This information is focused on helping seniors remain in their own homes as they age and face inevitable limitations. Adapted Living, through its Certified Aging-in Place Specialists, provides novel solutions and tools for Aging-in-Place that increase safety and security, and enable seniors to live independently in their own homes longer.

Initially released on the Apple® iPhone® and iPad® platforms, VITACARE™ will be available shortly for Android® and other smartphones & tablets.

VitaCare and Adapted Living are trade-marks of Adapted Living. emAPPetizer is a trade-mark of emAPPetizer Inc., all rights reserved. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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