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Aging care organizations team up

Louisville-based Innovate LTC, a business accelerator that focuses on the aging-care sector, plans to collaborate with others in the field following a recently signed agreement.

Innovate LTC, the Atlanta-based Georgia Institute of Technology and the Sarasota, Fla.-based Institute for the Ages plan to work together to stimulate "longevity innovation" through a new partnership.

All three of the organizations participated in the recent Louisville Innovation Summit, which Business First reported on last week. The collaboration has been planned for a while, but the documents pertaining to it were signed at the conference, according to Innovate LTC.

The agreement allows the organizations to pool resources and capabilities to develop a database of individuals over the age of 50 who are willing to provide feedback on new products, services and technologies being developed for the aging-care sector, a news release said.

“Innovate LTC is privileged to operate in the in the innovation capital for lifelong wellness and aging care, Louisville, Ky., and we could not be more proud of our partnership with Georgia Tech and the Institute for the Ages,” John Reinhart, CEO of Innovate LTC, said in the release. “Combining our core assets allows unprecedented opportunities for companies to accelerate their learning and path to market for emerging innovation solutions to improve the quality of life and quality of care for our rapidly expanding global aging population.”

Companies with products and services for the over 50 market can contract with the organizations on a per-project basis and develop a test track for their needs.

Each organization has a different niche, allowing for varied settings for testing products and services.

Innovate LTC recently launched Thrive labs, as Business First reported. Georgia Tech’s HomeLab initiative allows the capability to conduct in-home research. The Institute for the Ages is a nonprofit organization with the primary focus of connecting businesses, researchers and government agencies to the insights of older adults.

“Each of us brings something unique to the table in the advancement of learning and application of technologies for aging solutions,” Brad Fain, executive director of the HomeLab Initiative at Georgia Tech, said in the release. “Expanding the reach of Georgia Tech’s technical expertise becomes easier and happens faster when we collaborate with other progressive initiatives in the field.”

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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