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Alexa at the push of a button

Flic Smart Buttons can now trigger Amazon Alexa commands.

Speaking out loud to make your voice assistant turn off all lights, play your music, or start the heater in your car feels great initially. But the hundredth time you yell the same command, hoping to be understood correctly, it can start feeling repetitive.

Using Flic buttons, Alexa users can now trigger their everyday routines faster and more reliably by simply pushing a button.

Flic the only available physical button that can trigger Alexa commands

Flic is not the first stand-alone button to work in the realm of Amazon's services. Amazon previously made two different buttons; the Amazon Dash Button and the Amazon Echo Button. The first was for re-ordering common household goods, and the latter for interacting with Alexa. However, Amazon discontinued both.

Flic is the first external wireless button to add support for triggering Amazon Alexa routines.

"There have been two large gaps on the market since Amazon discontinued their Dash and Echo buttons. We now provide a solution that can bridge both the re-ordering capability of the Dash and the Alexa capability of the Echo button," says Joacim Westlund Prändel, founder of Flic.

With the new integration, it is possible to push a Flic button to trigger anything that one could trigger with a voice command. Pushing a button is faster, has no risk of misunderstandings, and does not require thinking about what to say and in which order.

The most versatile button on the market

Amazon's Alexa is not the first voice-enabled smart home platform that Flic buttons can control. Flic was just recently certified for Apple HomeKit, shortcutting many smart home calls to Siri.

Flic is unique on the market in size, speed, and versatility. Except for Alexa and Apple HomeKit, Users can use Flic with IKEA Trådfri, Philips HUE, SONOS, IFTTT, Zapier, Slack, and dozens of other products and services.

In the massive Alexa ecosystem, there are over 70.000 skills and 28.000 various enabled smart home devices. With the new integration, Flic users praise that they can trigger it all with a simple push of a button.

"Everything I wanted Flic to use for, I am able to do now. From turning the light on to start my Alexa echo and open up every app I like. And the best of all, it is more than stable." says Mark Kaspers, one of Flic's Alexa testers.

Full compatibility

Flic buttons use Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range to communicate with phones, computers, or the optional Flic Hub. The Flic Alexa integration works with both the original Flic and the new Flic 2. Alexa for Flic works with or without a Flic Hub, even though a Flic Hub is recommended for using Flic for smart home applications.

Users can assign different Alexa routines to Flic's three different inputs: push, double push, and hold. Flic users can also add other Flic actions alongside Alexa.

The Flic Alexa integration is made available by updating the Flic App.

Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button with products including Flic, Powered by Flic and Flic Hub. With simplicity at its heart, Flic, is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love.

Monday, March 8, 2021

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