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Bask Highlights World Backup Day to Help Seniors Digitize and Save What Matters Most

Lehi, UT – March 24, 2016  Bask Technology Inc., one of the nation's leading providers of managed tech services for seniors, today unveiled the results of a survey surrounding seniors’ attitudes and habits towards preserving their documents, photos and other digital content. In recognition of World Backup Day taking place onMarch 31, Bask hopes to spread awareness and educate Boomers and seniors about the importance of regular backups as a way to save what matters most to them, and how to digitize their most treasured memories.

The company’s focus on digital backup education and tools for its members is supported by survey data collected from its member base, which found that 83% of seniors would like to back up the things that matter most if they had a patient teacher to show them how. That said, more than half (52%) of respondents do not currently make digital copies of their most important documents and photos. The study also uncovered an interesting generational difference. While Boomers tend to prioritize photos as the dearest content to back up (36%), older adults in the Silent Generation prioritize personal documents such as birth certificates and letters (37%). This reflects cultural differences inherent within the senior market, which too often is treated like a monolith by companies who market to seniors.

“Both seniors and Boomers come from eras where precious memories were saved as hard copies. That means their documents are at risk of being lost or damaged, which could be devastating,” said James P. Dunn, CEO of Bask. “Today’s technology makes it easy to protect and store cherished mementos, but just half of seniors report that they back up their files. This is incredibly worrisome for us at Bask, so our mission is to provide the trustworthy support older generations need to learn the ins and outs of digital protection.” 

Bask arms its members with the resources they need to prevent and protect against digital loss. With complete remote tech support, Bask provides cloud-based backup to save valuable documents, photos and videos. In addition, the company offers secure data loss prevention with world-class data management, data restores and military-grade security.

About Bask

Bask offers more than tech support—it provides people support. The company empowers its members to embrace new technology and stay protected from threats to their privacy and personal data. Its Technology Advisors provide help right when people need it, for any device, in everyday language. In the digital age, Bask delivers remote technology support that puts human connection first. For more information, please visit


Thursday, March 24, 2016

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