Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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“The Bean” Quiet Sound Amplifier by Etymotic Now Available at

Elk Grove Village, IL – October 1, 2013 — Etymotic Research, inventors of the high-fidelity, in-ear earphone, and
makers of industry leading hearing health products, today announced that their latest breakthrough, a Quiet Sound
Amplifier called “The Bean,” will be sold on, as well as at and select retailers and hearing
professionals throughout the U.S. The product will be on display at AARP’s Life@50+ Event in Atlanta on October 3-5,

With a slim profile, and worn completely in the ear, The Bean enhances soft sounds so that speech can be heard more
clearly but allows louder sounds to pass through naturally as if nothing is in the ears. For many users, The Bean is like a
pair of reading glasses: used only when needed. QSA devices are available without medical referral or prescription, and
The Bean, which is ready to wear right out of the box, is priced at only $375 each or $700 per pair. Best results are
achieved when The Bean is worn in both ears.

Most remarkably, QSAs like The Bean provide the highest fidelity sound amplification available at any cost. The Bean uses
the most sophisticated analog processing ever devised, which explains its natural sound and low battery drain. Batteries last
2-5X longer than those in digital hearing devices. And, most Bean users find the ready-fit ear tips supplied with The Bean
to be comfortable for extended wear.

The circuitry in The Bean incorporates a patented new ultra-low-distortion output amplifier, along with all of the important
features and benefits of the original K-AMP® circuit first described over 30 years ago by Etymotic’s founder, Mead
Killion, Ph.D., a well known engineer and professor of audiology. No circuitry, including digital technology, has proven to
produce sound quality superior to that of the K-AMP circuitry – the engine of The Bean.

The Government Calls QSA’s Like The Bean PSAPs

The Food and Drug Administration coined the acronym PSAP in 2009, to stand for personal sound amplification product,
to draw a distinction between personal sound amplifiers and hearing aids. Anyone can purchase personal sound amplifiers.
They are not subject to state or federal regulations and are available without medical referral or prescription.
Consumers of all ages want the ability to communicate easily and effectively with family, colleagues and acquaintances in
business and social situations. They want easy access to affordable technologies for their daily routines and recreational
activities, and they want products that help them interact and compete in a complex world.
Health care in America has evolved from treating disease to a focus on wellness and disease prevention. This shift, plus
advances in technology, makes it possible for consumers to take an active role in their own and their family’s wellness
decisions. The impetus for developing The Bean comes from decades of interacting with consumers who need a boost in
sound for worship, television and other communications situations, depending on background noise and proximity to a
sound source.

Etymotic guarantees satisfaction with The Bean and offers a full refund for any reason within 30 days of purchase.

About Etymotic

Etymotic is a research, development and manufacturing company that designs high-fidelity personal audio products
and hearing wellness solutions to assess, enhance and protect hearing. For over 30 years, innovation and education have
been central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic is one of the most respected leaders in high-fidelity audio and hearing

For more information about Etymotic, its hearing wellness mission and its products, please visit

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Friday, November 1, 2013

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