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Beyond Verbal Wins Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Leadership Award Using Vocal Biomarkers

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Beyond Verbal (, the world leader in voice-driven Emotions Analytics, has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the winner of the 2016 Global Voice Analytics for Disorder Diagnostics Visionary Innovation Leadership

Beyond Verbal earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Global Visionary award for its commitment to advancing long-standing screening, monitoring, and diagnostic problems with a unique, non-intrusive approach. Beyond Verbal has proven that vocal intonations can provide significant insights into the inner-workings of human beings, and the company recently found a significant connection between vocal biomarkers and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) with the Mayo Clinic.

“It’s a true honor to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan, one of the global leaders in market research and analysis,” said Yuval Mor, CEO of Beyond Verbal. “Our desire is to improve healthcare by combining Emotions Analytics, AI and IoT with traditional health care methods. Creating advanced and cost effective healthcare capabilities accessible to the masses. Beyond Verbal has already embarked on a research journey to identify patterns for several diseases, which can be seen in our recent study on coronary artery disease. This honor presented to us by Frost & Sullivan is just a small testament to how impactful our research findings are to the healthcare community.”

"Frost & Sullivan recognizes Beyond Verbal’s efforts to serve the healthcare patient and provider community through its novel, voice-based analytics technology,” said Siddharth Shah, a Research Analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “Its approach of gauging patients’ health, wellness, and emotions simultaneously with an artificial intelligence-enabled technology is truly exceptional. It stands out as the first company among its peers to go beyond the mental health arena to tackle the diagnostic and monitoring challenges of physical health conditions."

Beyond Verbal’s technology enables the understanding of emotions, well-being, and health conditions through the human voice. Founded in 2012, the award-winning company’s Emotions Analytics technology has numerous applications - from improving call center effectiveness, to quantifying emotions for market research purpose, and all the way to tracking health conditions over time - and is grounded in more than two decades of research by Chief Science Officer, Dr. Yoram Levanon.

The company will be attending the Health IT Conference 2017 (HIMSS17) in Orlando from February 19-23, 2017.

About Beyond Verbal:

Since its launch in 2012, Beyond Verbal has been using voice-driven emotions AI to dramatically change the way we can detect emotions and reveal health conditions. The only input needed is the human voice, making this technology non-intrusive, passive, and cost effective. Beyond Verbal’s technology has been developed based on ongoing research into the science of emotions that started in 1995. By combining the company’s patented technology with its proprietary machine learning-based algorithms and AI, Beyond Verbal is focusing on emotions understanding and discovering vocal biomarkers. During the past 22 years, the company has been able to hone its technology through multiple internal tests and independent external validations. Over time, Beyond Verbal has collected more than 3 million emotion-tagged voices in more than 40 languages, and secured their technology with multiple granted patents.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017