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BlueStar SeniorTech Partners with Bellpal

Rockville, MD (December 7, 2018) — BlueStar SeniorTech announced today that it will partner with BellPal of Sweden to provide BellPal’s unique medical alert system in the United States. BellPal provides a discreet, simple, and stylish watch to keep families and their loved safe and connected in the event of an emergency.

The Bellpal Watch is a beautiful and fully functional analog wristwatch equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic fall detection system and an emergency alert in the watch, allowing the user the freedom to enjoy their normal life activities without being encumbered by stigmatizing or overly complicated technology.  The watch pairs with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and uses artificial intelligence to adapt to each user’s unique motions and lifestyle.  Families, friends, and professional monitoring connect the user through a web-based monitoring service that can rapidly alert and summon help should the user fall or require assistance. The watch and connectivity platform deliver out of the box simplicity of use, long battery life, highly reliable fall detection, and emergency monitoring services with cutting-edge sensor technology enabling seniors and their loved ones to live without the fear of ever being alone.

“The Bellpal Watch is the most advanced, easy to use product in the personal emergency response industry,” said BlueStar SeniorTech CEO Rear Admiral Robert O. Wray Jr. (ret). “It is the highest quality, the best-looking device of its kind that we’ve seen, bar none.”

“We’re excited to enter the United States market with an experienced and dynamic partner like BlueStar Senior Tech. Blue Star Senior Tech is a veteran-owned business which is also very important to us.

We founded Bellpal as concerned sons and daughters who were seeing our parents age and become more prone to falls and emergency events, but who also recognized the need for our parents to uphold their dignity and autonomy.  We wanted to make sure they could live independently for as long as possible without the worry that during an emergency or fall that they would not be able to reach out for help.  Though our products are very technologically sophisticated, they are super easy to use.  If you can wear a watch, you can use Bellpall!

Our watch and mobile application have been well received here in Sweden, and we look forward to providing excellent service to our American customers with BlueStar Senior Tech,” said BellPal founder David Ziemsky.”

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death for seniors. Every year, 1 in 3 seniors fall. Falls with injury is the leading cause of seniors losing their ability to live independently. 80 percent of seniors who fall cannot get up without some assistance and for each hour that passes that a senior is not found following a fall, their risk for death or serious long-term injury increases.

The Bellpal Watch will give older adults and their families the peace of mind to know that their loved ones are protected. ”It is made to never leave anyone behind, David Ziemsky”

About BlueStar SeniorTech

Founded in 2013, BlueStar SeniorTech’s mission is to help American seniors age in the comfort of their homes:  safe, healthy, and connected. The company offers a combination of aging-at-home technologies and services to thousands of customers in all 50 states and US territories. BlueStar is veteran-owned, and it is certified by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). BlueStar is committed to serving the families of senior veterans and donates to veteran causes through a dedicated 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.

About Bellpal

Bellpal is a United States and Swedish based health technology company that develops products and service solutions that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced sensor technology.  Bellpal aims to improve the ability of seniors and those with mobility impairments to lead safe, independent, autonomous and dignified lives without ever feeling alone or disconnected. Bellpal is founded by David Ziemsky, a Swedish based senior technology and wearable expert, Dr. John Kreuger MD, MPH a US-based population health physician and safety and quality expert, Maria Mähl, a seasoned international business and technology investment expert and Helena Angelhoff, a regarded biopharmaceutical and technology expert and has been in business since 2015. Bellpal is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with partner offices in the United States. 

Visit www.bluestarseniortech.com, on Twitter at @bluestarsrtech and on Facebook at facebook.com/bluestarseniortech.






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