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Caregiver Accelerator is Changing the Way we Care for Each Other

​REUNIONCare proudly announces our new engagement as lead organization for the AARP Caregiver Accelerator program.  The Caregiver Accelerator’s mission is to seek out and nurture innovative companies in the caregiving space. An AARP Caregiving Innovation Frontier report identifies six critical areas of economic opportunity for startups including: daily activities essential, health and safety awareness, care coordination,  transitions support, social well being, and caregiver quality of life.  The January 2016 report estimates that 117 million Americans will need some level of service by 2020, which represents a predicted $72 billion industry, most of which comes directly from the caregiver/consumer’s pocket.

REUNIONCare CEO Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH, says “The care delivery system leftover from the 20th Century is broken.  Quickly Identifying and closing the gaps in care require the active engagement of family caregivers.  Many former caregivers, like myself, are eager to transform this system into new companies that will improve the quality of life for those who require care.”

The Caregiver Accelerator (CA)  is a pre-incubation program that fosters innovation and builds on the concepts and early stage businesses in the caregiving space.  

The pilot phase (January to May, 2016 ) supported the development of 16 new caregiving companies in Tampa Bay. Accelerator Program Manager Danielle Callahan, MBA, consultant in economic development including incubation management, training, contract administration and special projects is the CA coach supervisor and lead.  “Founders participating in the CA come from various professional backgrounds all with great passion to create successful businesses targeting these strong market opportunities. The WKI  “So What, Who Cares, Why You “ curriculum and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile are the tools we use to guide nascent startups on the fast track to gaining traction and serving our community,” Callahan says.    

Like in Tampa Bay, the Caregiver Accelerator engages all of the community stakeholders including innovation centers, health care companies, community based services, government leaders and others to make this program successful.  Opportunities to become a sponsor and/or promotional partner in this expansion are available by contacting

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


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