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"Individuals reportedly lost $13 million to grandparent and person-in-need scams."


From the description, too late, and with a significant demand on staff.


Costs soar for eldercare and family finances are depleted.


Introducing tech is like 'pushing water uphill.'


Sage collects data on residents to help track their needs over time and records metrics, such as incident response time, to improve care.

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Caregiver Smart Solutions named Hottest Startup of CES 2020 by Showstoppers.


Caregiver Smart Solutions had an incredible CES 2020. We won Showstoppers Hottest Startup of CES as well as Techlicious Top Pick for CES 2020. We had incredible interviews with the like of AARPMacVoices, ABC and TechZone, CBS and TechRepublic, as well as 9-morning show live mentions and so much more. Even Kevin Harrington an original shark on the ABC hit Emmy winning TV show Shark Tank wants to work with us.

We are helping our loved ones be able to live their “Golden Years” at home. At the same time, our system allows us - their adult children - to truly answer the critical question. - "How are they doing?” The insight we provide is stress-reducing, life-changing and gives us so much incredible information! 

We had so many great conversations at CES with the likes of CVS, ADT, UnitedHealth, Target, Walmart, and so many more. We will continue the discussion over these next few weeks as we all settle back in. To help you further understand our work at Caregiver Smart Solutions, take a look at these links:

Caregiver Smart Solutions for the adult child

Caregiver Smart Solutions cut sheet

Caregiver Smart Solutions press release

Caregiver Smart Solutions Video

We are looking for partnerships here in the USA as well as abroad. If you know of anyone that negotiates deals with large corporations or has anyone interested in investing we will be opening up a round shortly. Please Contact Us for more info.

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Caregiver smart solutions
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Monday, January 20, 2020


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