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CareYaya Health Technologies Advances AI-Enabled Eldercare with Acceptance into Prestigious Harvard Innovation Labs

CareYaya Health Technologies today proudly announced its acceptance into Harvard Innovation Labs to accelerate development of TapestryAI, an artificial intelligence-powered platform set to transform legacy preservation and reminiscence therapy for elderly populations.

The cutting-edge health tech startup also revealed plans to expand its online caregiving marketplace – which matches families with experienced healthcare students for as little as $15 per hour – into the Greater Boston area. CareYaya delivers trusted and affordable elder companion care, overnight care, weekend care, and private duty home care with student caregivers from Harvard, Tufts, Northeastern, Boston University and more top local universities.

"Boston-area families can now easily access affordable caregiving and cutting-edge AI therapy through CareYaya's integrated platform," said CEO Neal K. Shah. "We look forward to nurturing our mission of advancing health equity right here in this world-renowned hub of healthcare innovation."

TapestryAI Leverages AI to Gift Elders' Stories: A Passion Project Born of Personal Loss

TapestryAI integrates advanced natural language processing to create voice-based avatars of elderly loved ones. These AI assistants preserve their life stories, wisdom and memories – allowing children, grandchildren and future generations to forever interact with their elder's narrative.

TapestryAI was inspired by CareYaya researcher and Harvard computer scientist Hannah Park’s regret over never hearing her late grandfather's stories. "This project represents a personal mission to ensure others don't experience this same sense of loss,” Park said. “It's about creating an intergenerational bridge where the rich tapestry of memories can be shared and preserved."

Harvard Collaboration Set to Accelerate TapestryAI's Remarkable Potential

Acceptance into Harvard Innovation Labs will provide expert support as CareYaya enhances TapestryAI functionalities. The program will also allows CareYaya to deliver TapestryAI affordably when launched – advancing health equity for wider community access.

CareYaya’s student caregivers bridging tech literacy gaps among elderly populations can further enable user adoption of tools like TapestryAI. “With guidance from luminaries at Harvard, we aim to gift more families those touching reminiscence moments,” said Shah.

About CareYaya Health Technologies:

CareYaya operates an AI-powered caregiving marketplace matching families with experienced student caregivers for a fraction of typical elder home care costs. The social venture also creates progressive AI solutions to pressing caregiving challenges. An applied research lab backed by physicians at leading healthcare systems, CareYaya unlocks purpose and economic opportunity for students while innovating AI, robotics, sensors to support caregiving and optimal longevity.

Learn more at www.CareYaya.org. For media inquiries, contact roxy@careyaya.org.


Wednesday, December 6, 2023


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