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Chattanooga business aims to bring 'clarity' to aging seniors

Chattanooga-based company Clarity has a new president and is launching two new products. 

Telecommunications industry veteran Jamie van den Bergh is the company's new leader, and he said he's passionate about using innovation to bring new solutions to the market. Clarity is a company that creates communications solutions to enhance the lives of senior citizens.

The two new products that will be launched next month aim to make it easier for people to stay connected as they age. One is a business product and one is for families. 

Many individuals and families are caring for their aging parents, who may be experiencing hearing loss. 

 Jamie van den Bergh on Chattanooga 

"I am excited about being in Chattanooga. The team that's here has been together a long time, but every now and then, we look at bringing people in. More and more people would be excited to come to Chattanooga."

And the rise of social media and other changing technologies can have an isolating effect on senior citizens, van den Bergh said.

"Everybody who is younger—they are not phoning anymore," he said. "They are using social media and texts. But none of that is coming to the senior. So the senior is totally out of that loop."

ClarityLife aims to connect families by linking online/text/social media worlds with a home phone, which senior citizens are likely more comfortable using than a cellphone or computer. 

ClarityLife allows senior citizens to check in via phone to let caregivers and families know that they are up and moving. It also allows families to send picture messages directly to the home phone. 

"Our vision is that we provide a system that allows the caregiver, senior and their family [to be] much more connected," van den Bergh said.

Click here to see a video illustration of how ClarityLife works. 

Clarity P340 
More and more baby boomers continue to be in the workforce either because they need to keep working or because they like to, van den Bergh said.

And as they age, they might face challenges in using new technology, like smartphones or computers. 

Clarity P340 acts as a familiar device, similar to a desk phone, and combines it with features that make the phone easier to see, hear and use. 

The phone provides 40 decibels of amplification so the user can hear even if they are in a crowded office and are experiencing hearing loss. 

Click here to see an animation that provides more information on how the product works.


Thursday, April 23, 2015


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