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Clocr Announces Launch of Safe and Secure Cloud Locker

AUSTIN – Clocr (short for “cloud locker”) today announced the launch of its secure, cloud-based service to provide a better option for people to store and share important documents. New users of Clocr are eligible for three months of free use.

"When tragedy occurs, people need quick and easy access to wills, medical proxies, and other important documents,” said Apoorva Chintala, president and co-founder of Clocr. “Our service is different than others because of the level of security and control we provide to our users.”

Clocr is hosted in the cloud, so users can trust that their information is encrypted and preserved with access only given to contacts and guardians approved by the account holder. The proprietary ultra-security service provides more layers of security than anyone else in the industry. Clocr is the best choice for secure storage and disbursement of wills, medical proxies, account logins and passwords, financial records, and more.

“Getting a will, medical proxy, and trust is critical and so is ensuring the right people have access when necessary,” said Chintala. “Rather than just storing copies in file cabinets and on discs, Clocr helps beneficiaries, family members, friends, business partners, and care providers access information easily and as desired by our users.”

To help people, familiarize themselves with Clocr, free trials and referral rewards are available to new users of the service. A business-to-business option will become available soon.

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Find out more about Clocr by visiting


Thursday, June 20, 2019


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