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Cordio Medical HearO™ Voice Signature Technology Demonstrates Superior Standard of Care for Heart Failure Patients

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cordio Medical, a market-leading medical speech processing platform, shared key findings in the HearO™Community Study: Remote Speech Analysis of Hospitalized Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure that assessed remote speech analysis through the Cordio HearO™application. 

Dr. William Abraham, Professor of Internal Medicine at Ohio State University, presented his evaluation of hospitalized patients with acute decompensated heart failure. There are few tools for remote assessment of heart failure clinical status today, particularly when patients are becoming congested and at risk for heart failure hospitalization. The HearO™ application attempts to meet a significant unmet need in managing heart failure patients.

"The HearO™ Community Study is to evaluate the diagnostic performance and characteristics of the HearO™ application in the outpatient setting with stable patients who are at risk for a future heart failure event such as a hospitalization," said Cordio Medical CEO Tamir Tal. "The study aims to understand how well this application performs regarding sensitivity, specificity, and the overall diagnostic performance."

The key findings from this study are based on an interim analysis. To date, 545 outpatients with chronic heart failure are enrolled. The preliminary analysis focuses on the first 253 patients analyzed. This represents about 660,000 voice recordings from these 253 patients taken daily. The results have shown 55 qualifying heart failure decompensation events. The Cordio HearO™ application demonstrated an 80% sensitivity for predicting a heart failure event in this population and among those events. The HearO™ application accurately predicted 44 of these 55 events. 

On average, the HearO™ system can successfully detect a heart failure decompensation event about three weeks prior. With the potential to detect heart failure decompensation events early on, this provides a broad window of opportunity for intervention that can potentially keep the patient well and prevent a future heart failure decompensation event. 

"The HearO™ Community Study demonstrated not only the potential for high sensitivity and strong specificity of the HearO™ application, but in comparison to the current standard of care in heart failure patients, the HearO™ demonstrated superiority," said Dr. William Abraham.

The Cordio HearO™ application uses sophisticated voice processing and analysis technology to measure changes in lung fluid content or pulmonary congestion. The premise is based on clinical observations. Clinicians know that when heart failure patients become sick and are admitted to the hospital, there are changes in their voice, like breathlessness, and changes in speech patterns indicative of a congested state. Unfortunately, clinicians cannot evaluate changes in patients' voices daily, and typically, human ears are not sophisticated enough to detect early changes in voice or speech. 

The Cordio HearO™ application uses sophisticated methodologies to detect changes in lung fluid content before they can be perceived either by the patient or by the clinician and has the potential to alert clinicians to an upcoming episode of heart failure decompensation. 

Learn More about Cordio Medical by visiting https://www.cordio-med.com/.

About Cordio Medical 

Cordio Medical develops and provides groundbreaking solutions for monitoring health conditions through a patient's speech. Cordio Medical's technologies are based on true speech signal processing technology, unique to each patient, augmented with machine learning capabilities. A patient speaks into a smartphone app backed by sophisticated and proprietary algorithms that allow near real-time monitoring and early detection of condition deterioration. The system is patient-tailored, constantly learning the patient's voice, and provides personalized, seamless, and effortless monitoring. Cordio Medical's goal is to identify and mitigate condition worsening by helping physicians prevent patient deterioration and hospitalization while keeping the patient's well-being at the core. We strive to improve patient health quality and mortality while contributing to the advancement of health economics. For more information on Cordio Medical, go to https://www.cordio-med.com.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023