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Craft Your Legacy with My Last Soundtrack

When we die, who controls the way we’ll be remembered? Friends and family already have enough to worry about in dealing with their grief and planning a funeral/celebration, not to mention all the other details that need to be tended to when a loved one dies.

The folks at My Last Soundtrack (MLS) believe that having to navigate dark and depressing memorial sites to tell your story adds insult to injury. They provide a positive, uplifting, and really cool way for you to tell your or a loved one's story, driven by the music you love most.

My Last Soundtrack brings a bit of peace-of-mind to one of life's great certainties - our death - by putting people in control of their own legacy. Users craft their story with music, photos, advice, values, recipes, memories, stories...whatever matters most to them. Its user friendly online platform is changing the conversation about death by keeping it open, honest, positive, and interactive.



My Last Soundtrack empowers users to tell their stories the way they want them to be told. A permanent online legacy, MLS lets every individual curate and share the memories that best represent their (or a loved one's) sense of self. Each legacy becomes a place where family and friends can both mourn and celebrate our users, and remember them exactly as they wanted to be remembered.


• Clean, user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate

• Ability to add photo slideshows and music playlists to your page in just a few simple steps

• Choice of customized page layouts and themes to reflect the user’s personality

• Ability to create pages for other loved ones who’ve passed on, or for people you admired

• Access to directories for end-of-life services such as funeral planning, will creation, and other end-of-life services

Commerce related to death and dying are almost always tinged by darkness, fear, and a focus on the pain of loss. My Last Soundtrack seeks to change the conversation, to bring some peace and joy to our end-of-life experience and ultimately achieve peace of mind when it comes to loss.


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Friday, December 1, 2017