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CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. Featured in Debut of Intelligent Medical Home™ at HIMSS 2014 Conference

CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. was selected to showcase three new products that assist in the transition from inpatient care to the home, in the new Intelligent Medical Home™ (IM Home) at the HIMSS14 Conference in Orlando, FL last week. These products extend the capabilities of CreateAbility's Independence Keeper system.

This new IM Home addition complimented the already popular Intelligent Hospital Pavilion™ and demonstrated the continuum of health and wellness technology available to recovering patients.

IM Home visitors watched actors depict actual clinical use cases to gain a practical day-in-the-life perspective of how diverse technologies are seamlessly integrated to enhance patient care and compliance from the hospital itself to the patient’s home.

According to Dr. Alan Snell, Chair of the Intelligent Medical Home Committee, “We were most pleased to have CreateAbility as a Bronze Sponsor for the debut of the Intelligent Medical Home at HIMSS 2014 in Orlando. CreateAbility’s novel solutions represent the amazing innovation that is taking place in the home in the areas of medication adherence, fall prevention and physical therapy. The result is improved outcomes at a lower cost. CreateAbility’s unique cloud-based platform and analytic capabilities captured the attention of the visitors to the IM Home exhibit as part of the Intelligent Health Pavilion.”

About CreateAbility’s Medication Adherence:
Pills and other medication must be managed to reduce hospital readmissions. Missed medication, or medications taken out of the prescribed order can be caused by a variety of issues, such as memory or attention.

New sensor technology developed by CreateAbility works with ExactCare Pharmacy’s ExactPack to determine if the right medications at the right dose were taken at the right time. Within a preset time span, the system reminds the patient to take their medications and then determines if the patient opened the medication, consumed water and visually verified the proper hand-to-mouth movements via their patent pending Microsoft Kinect-based tracking.

About CreateAbility’s Physical Therapy Following Hip Replacement:
Missed appointments or improper follow through can slow progress post-hip replacement. CreateAbility’s solution helps to encourage participation in the prescribed therapy and provide remote verification using CreateAbility’s patent pending visual tracking technology based on the Microsoft Kinect. Critical measurements are reported to the designated professionals to detect the frequency of exercise, range-of-motion obtained, and number of repetitions performed.

About CreateAbility’s Fall Prevention and Detection:
Fall prevention is essential, since falls in the home are a major cause of ER visits. In addition to the visual tracking techniques described above, CreateAbility’s sensor and cloud-based computing dynamically assesses an individual’s risk of falling and alerts personnel of an increased likelihood of a fall. The system is also able to detect if a fall does occur with minimal intrusion and without the need for the patient to wear or carry special equipment. This is especially helpful when they are in the bathroom – where most falls occur.

About Microsoft® Kinect™
The Microsoft Kinect not only transforms the way people interact with their video game systems, but also offers powerful development tools to enable applications in healthcare on a Windows PC as well.

About ExactCare Pharmacy
The easy-to-use ExactPack™, is a multi-medication package solution for medication administration that has been perfected by ExactCare in a linear spool blister pack format. By packaging the exact drugs, both prescription and non-prescription, sequenced with the exact dose and order that they need to be taken printed on the label, people no longer have to hassle with the tedious task of sorting medication. A unique sensor developed by CreateAbility detects when each blister pack is removed.

About CreateAbility
Products developed by CreateAbility are the result of fourteen years of evidence-based research from a combined 17 grants from the National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research, and the National Institutes of Health.

CreateAbility’s mission is to literally create-the-ability for people to live as long as possible in their own home. CreateAbility’s technology is designed to supplement typical skilled nursing and private-duty nursing to expand care over the individual 24/7. The end result being not only improved outcomes at a lower cost to the patient, but also peace-of-mind for their loved ones and care providers.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014