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Cutii has launched, the robot helping seniors stay happy and safe at home

CareClever has announced that its companion robot for seniors, Cutii, is now available.

CEO, Antoine Bataille, said, “Isolation for the elderly in our society is a huge issue in all developed countries. We are working to combat this with our companion robot, Cutii. Cutii allows people to age-in-place, safely and happily. Doing so will slow down the moral and economic costs of dependency.”

Mr Bataille added, “After three years of hard work we are delighted to make Cutii available to the seniors. Cutii’s primary goal is to keep them connected to people, and in doing so increase quality of life and boost longevity.”

Features include:

  • Cutii offers a calendar of real-world activities which the seniors can join from the comfort of their homes. Cooking classes, yoga, museum tours and quizzes are examples.
  • Caregivers can use their cell phones to communicate with seniors, by video, voice or message via Cutii. Loved ones can make video calls with their elders and can even ask Cutii to move to the person in their home.
  • Seniors can use their voice to completely control Cutii. For example, asking Cutii to come to them, or to dictate and send a message to a friend.
  • Cutii improves safety at home by allowing users to ask for help. Cutii will immediately call emergency contact numbers.
  • Cutii allows remote patient monitoring (RPM) through tele-health consultations which can be scheduled and conducted from the comfort and familiarity of the person’s home.
  • Cutii reminds users of appointments or other events, such as family birthdays.
  • Cutii is a fully autonomous, mobile robot and uses AI to ethically learn users’ behaviours and preferences.


Loneliness is a major health issue for our elderly and is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day (Chief Medical Officer, AARP). Shockingly, elders living at home on average experience only 5 conversations in a month.

Importantly, Cutii has been developed with personal privacy and security as a fundamental requirement. It does not rely on the major technology companies’ services, such as Amazon Alexa. No personal data will ever be sold to marketers or other third parties.

Mr Bataille also said: “We developed Cutii alongside our users, from the very first day. This is definitely not a technology looking for a solution. It was developed in the homes of those who need it most, the elderly. We will add years of happiness to thousands of people around the World.”

Media enquiries:

CareClever: Richard Marshall, VP Business Development, +1 518 572 8572, rmarshall@cutii.io

About CareClever, the makers of Cutii  www.cutii.io 

CareClever SAS was founded to develop Cutii, the robotic companion to fight the loneliness crisis facing seniors across the developed World.

CareClever operates in France and the USA, with facilities in the Lille and Boston. IRCEM, a mutual health insurer of 5 million people, is a strategic investor. The company has received recognition including the Eurasanté Silver Surfer prize (2016), CES Innovation Awards (2017) and Japan Meet & Connect (2019). It has been chosen to be part of MassChallenge Healthtech 2020, in the top 6% of the 400 applicants.


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Thursday, January 9, 2020