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Cutting Edge Technology Debut to Help Seniors Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Silver Spaces has launched what has been described as “the only currently available web-based senior home assessment solution,” which is set to revolutionize the aging in place industry. Initially released in 2015 as an iTunes app, the product was officially launched internationally in October, 2020. The easy to use assessment is targeted to help homeowners create the best living options, taking into account what impacts their health, abilities, finances, socialization and access to transportation, or other influences. This mission of Silver Spaces is to help keep seniors in their homes as they age.

Our lives change, but our homes don't. This amazing home assessment will help you ensure your home matches your health and lifestyle. It is unparalleled in its scope and ease of use for both home owners and professionals.” - Silver Spaces.

Founded by two Certified Aging in Place Specialists, Dr. Jill M. Bjerke, a health care executive with over 40 years of experience and Adam W. Sears, an experienced leader, innovator, and entrepreneur, Silver Spaces is poised to change the aging in place market with its innovative technological tool.

The basic edition of Silver Spaces, which is the first version of the their senior home assessment, is designed to cover 12 areas of the home's interior and exterior, targeting specific changes or modifications that creates an environment that fits their needs, possibly saving seniors up to $130,000 per year by keeping them in their own home.

The timeliness of the launch could not be better, providing the public, professionals, and others a convenient way of assessing the universal livability of a home. Silver Spaces is particularly unique as a web-based inspection that offers flexibility and compatibility with any device. The solution is also designed to allow users to produce a report with targeted recommendations based on the assessment findings.

While the basic edition of Silver Spaces is intended for both international public and professional use, individual and professional branding to build and grow your own business is available.  The intermediate version, according to the makers, will be a bit more complex. The intermediate version will take activities of daily living (ADLs) into account and provide a highly detailed and tailored report to meet the needs of homeowners. The last version is targeted toward contractors and remodelers, with measurements and other built-in building and installation criteria for new construction, remodelling for aging in place, or for a specific client.


LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!  At home or on the go, our technology is there to support you every day. We’re here to help!

For more information about Silver Spaces and its amazing features, please visit -, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Silver Spaces

Silver Spaces was created by Dr. Jill Bjerke and Adam W. Sears, BS, CAPS, two Certified Aging in Place Specialists. Dr. Jill has a 40 year background as a health care executive with a passion for creating solutions to provide people with the highest quality of life. An international author, and aging in place expert, consultant and keynote speaker, she and Adam began collaborating in 2019, finding a common vision and passion for helping people the world over, create safe and accessible spaces at home.

Adam has served as a leader, innovator, and entrepreneur in the business world for over 20 years, using his background in  construction to help develop and sustain successful businesses in oil and gas exploration and construction engineering, testing, and inspections.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


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