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From the description, too late, and with a significant demand on staff.


Introducing tech is like 'pushing water uphill.'

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eCare21 expands to Florida

eCare21 has opened an office in Florida to address the growing needs of the rapidly expanding retiree population in the State of Florida who are demanding more cost effective solutions to monitor and improve their health and wellbeing. eCare21 is quickly being accepted as a easy to use app with a powerful platform that first encourages and empowers self-care and then allows users to invite others into their private Community of Care.

Members of their Community of Care can then help by remotely monitoring key health and wellness parameters against goals/targets that are set. Our Community of Care approach makes it easy for family members, friends, caregivers, doctors and nurses to remotely monitor for specific health concerns by collecting data from over 200 devices including activity/steps/calories, blood pressure,  glucose, sleep efficiency, weight, medication, heart rate, and temperature.

The eCare21 platform supports collection of data from over 200 Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices. The eCare21 platform allows  close collaboration via private messaging among Community members and provides notifications/alerts to their selected Community members when thresholds are exceeded and can send alerts when a user needs help immediately. Real-time visibility into health and wellness data leads to more rapid attention to problematic conditions to keep them in check and ultimately leads to improved outcomes.

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Monday, June 6, 2016


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