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Ecumen continues to roll out the Sitelligence Resident Portal

Los Angeles, California, United States of America ( January 4, 2011 -- Shoreview, MN -based Ecumen is the most innovative leader in senior housing and services, empowering individuals to live richer and fuller lives. With senior housing communities and services in dozens of cities, Ecumen is promoting a world vision in which aging is viewed and understood in radically different ways. One of the ways in which Ecumen has distinguished itself in the senior living industry is through their innovative approach to using technology to help their senior customers age in place.

“We have been actively searching for a web portal that empowers our customers to engage with family and friends in a secure environment,” said Larry Jorgensen, Chief Information Officer of Ecumen. “We also wanted one that offers social networking options, a variety of activities, and improves communication between our staff, residents, prospective residents and their families. We are finding that our customers are greatly enjoying the Sitelligence Resident Portal.”

Ecumen started implementing the Sitelligence Resident Portal, which they’ve branded locally as “Ecumen Connects” in their communities in July of 2010 and continues to roll out service to all their senior living communities with great success.

Debbie Manthey, Vice President of Housing Operations says “This is a fabulous way to keep families, residents and staff connected and informed of special events and activities. Residents can travel the world, visit museums, read books, shop and even manage their health information – from their own home. It's easy empowering for our residents.”

“We’ve enjoyed Sitelligence’s professionalism and flexibility as well as their focus on improving the lives of the people we serve,” said Jorgensen. Leslie Donahue Systems Analyst for Ecumen who is spearheading implementation at Ecumen communities added, “The folks at Sitelligence have been extremely helpful to us as we incorporate the portal into our communities. The training and implementation guidelines they’ve provided us have made my job much easier. They’re flexible, easy to work with, and they have even made some modifications to the Resident Portal to fit our needs. We continue to receive more and more approval letters from our community residents and families.”

Karen Hartman, a current customer at Ecumen Point Pleasant Heights says, “"This is great! We have access to the menus daily. I don't need to make a special trip to the dining room to pick up a menu, and it saves paper!"

In addition to the convenience for residents, Miriam Aaland, Marketing Director of Ecumen Point Pleasant Heights said it’s providing a valuable service for family members: "It greatly improves communication and gives easy-access across a family to information. For example, one of our customers has a daughter, who lives in Nebraska and two daughters who live in Texas and North Carolina. All three enjoy having the ability to keep up with what activities are going on here, and it helps each other stay much more engaged in their Mom’s life.”

CEO of Sitelligence, Steve Zasio says, “The Resident Portal, continues to grow in popularity because it’s easy to use, we take today’s technology and deliver it in a way even the most computer phobic senior will use and enjoy. We also strive to anticipate and listen to our clients needs and offer the best support in the industry. We look forward to continuing our growth in 2011 and are proud to have Ecumen as a client.”


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011