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Introducing tech is like 'pushing water uphill.'

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eTagz Speaks For You When You Cannot

Palm Springs, CA – October 4th, 2019 - ™ QR Medical ID

eTagz is a QR medical ID that comes in the form of a QR Medical IDs. In an emergency the QR code can be scanned and Instantly your critical medical profile with emergency contacts will be available to first responders or EMT.

eTagz Medical ID wearables come with a supporting website that allows you to set up a personal profile, ad your Emergency Contacts, include critical medical and personal information according to your choice and update your profile as many times as needed. Your emergency contact and information are accessible via a QR code that is assigned only to you and when scanned by Android or Apple phone camera.'s MEDWALL helps seniors provide critical medical information and emergency contacts to first responders and sends GPS location to your emergency contacts

When scanned by first responder or anyone the eTagz QR Medical ID allows access to immediate critical medical information and emergency contacts. Also, when your QR coded medical tag is scanned your emergency contacts receive a Text message with a GPS location of where and when your tag was scanned.

"When a senior has an incident or accident, until eTagz arrival in the healthcare market there was no information for first responders or EMT to look at to make critical decisions. If that person had a medical tag, it was no more than a 70 character engraving, kind of embarrassing for all the technology available today" said Marcus Motamedi, Founder and CEO of "We developed so independent seniors can bridge that gap of information and remain active without concern of their medications or medical history not being available when it is urgently needed."

Over 57% of American seniors have a medical condition that should be known by medical professionals during treatment and/or in times of emergency. These medical conditions include allergies, chronic diseases, medication and genetic predispositions that can be critical during treatment and particularly in life or death situations. (1)

"The urgent need for this product and service was the result of a personal experience with my mother in 2014, after first responders came to her home and I had to run around finding medication and medical records to provide them with information." Said Marcus. "We didn't re-invent the wheel when it comes to Medical ID Tags, we advanced it to a new and interactive medical ID Tag that is easy for seniors to understand, use and update."

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eTagz is a QR Medical ID company with complete dedication and hope to save as many lives as possible. Medical ID bracelets and wearables have been on the market for many years and always stayed the basic engraved bracelet or necklace without any improvement in the past 30 years. With current technological advances and possibilities, we at felt that its time that the whole concept of "Medical ID Tag" needs to be redesigned.

(1) 2015 U.S. Census

Sunday, October 6, 2019


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