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New York, New York -- May 10 2017 -- FamilyConnect announced today that is has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support its new app to promote healthy independence for seniors.

FamilyConnect is an easy to use app that will ensure that an aging mom or dad is getting all the care they need, when they need it.  The app will give their families the assurance and peace of mind that they will know immediately if there's a problem, so they can respond to it while it's still manageable.

"Caregiving isn't easy," said Robert M. Herzog, founder and CEO of FamilyConnect, "as anyone knows who's experienced it, or expects to.  No one is prepared for it, emotionally, logistically, even financially.  Yet as an AARP study notes, over 80% of seniors and their loved ones want to be able to age in their homes, to avoid the hospital or nursing home."

An adult child can't be with his parents all the time, but his or her concerns are every day.  FamilyConnect will enable a parent to communicate to their adult child critical, important health factors and conditions — are they eating, taking their meds, sleeping ok, how are they feeling, and a simple note feature to communicate any other concerns. 

That information will enable families to respond quickly to problems as they arise, before they deteriorate and require greater levels of more urgent, expensive, uncomfortable institutional care.  Being able to learn about and respond to problems quickly can mean the difference between staying in the home or being forced to get care elsewhere. FamilyConnect will provide peace of mind for pennies a day.

"Because," as Mr. Herzog said, "the last thing you ever want to hear yourself say is, 'If only I'd known sooner, I could have done something.'

About FamilyConnect

FamilyConnect was developed by the team that helped create eCaring's award winning software that enables home care workers to communicate a patient's health data in real time, and has been proven to enable healthcare organizations to reduce their patient's hospital and ER use.  The app showcases the software's signature practicality and ease of use. The team wanted to bring the benefits of real time impactful health care information and communications directly to consumers and for employee assistance and insurance company wellness and prevention programs, with an intuitive easy to use system to support the tens of millions of American seniors and their families who want to age in place in their homes.  Mr. Herzog was named to Axial’s Growth 100, a list of the best and brightest middle market CEOs across the industry.  eCaring partners with Samsung and Verizon to provide its services, and received the prestigious Corporate Leadership Award from the New York Academy of Medicine for Creation and Use of Technology in Service of Elder Health."




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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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