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Freeus will debut two upcoming 3G mobile emergency alert pendants

OGDEN, UT - Freeus, LLC, one of the fastest growing mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) businesses in the United States, today announced that it will be a bronze sponsor of the second annual Home Health Technology Summit.

Freeus will debut two upcoming 3G mobile emergency alert pendants at the Summit, which is a business-focused event for C-level executives that recommend or purchase home health technology.

“Freeus is proud to be a bronze sponsor of the Home Health Technology Summit,” said Brock Winzeler, General Manager of Freeus. “Our products and services increase confidence and independence for the patient, while improving patient satisfaction and lowering rehospitalization rates for the healthcare company.”

At the Summit, Freeus will present Belle+TM, which includes fall detection and features GPS and WiFi location technologies, and the next generation of Belle with WiFi location technologies.

Belle+ works at home and away, anywhere in the US there is AT&T 3G cellular coverage. If the Belle+ unit detects that a user has fallen, it automatically connects the user with emergency care specialists. Specialists can use GPS, WiFi and cellular triangulation to locate the user, and can speak through the unit and view user-provided information. Specialists can dispatch emergency personnel or loved ones to help, depending on what is needed.

Belle+ features a rechargeable battery that can last up to five days per charge, and it comes with a simple charging cradle. Caregivers can also locate their loved ones’ Belle+ device online, with a free mobile app or by sending a text message.

The original Belle mPERS pendant launched in March 2016, and the updated Belle pendant adds WiFi location technology to the extremely popular device. With WiFi, Belle can detect nearby hotspots to locate users in an emergency. It also includes proprietary cellular triangulation technology to enable specialists to quickly know if the user is at home, facilitating faster dispatch.

Belle can connect users to help via two-way voice both at home and away using the AT&T 3G network, plus it offers an extensive battery life of up to 30 days per charge. Care specialists can send emergency personnel or loved ones to assist Belle users, and users and caregivers can receive low battery and power off alerts.

Both units are designed to offer increased peace of mind to users and their caregivers.

Freeus devices are powered by the proprietary, redundant cloud-based Orion M2M platform. Orion fuels the functionality of Freeus products and integrates them with cellular networks and monitoring centers. It also provides location tools for caregivers and the ability for dealers to quickly and easily manage their customers’ emergency alert pendants, activate new devices and download marketing materials.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


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