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G2i, Inc. announced today that it will be introducing the Swiss made Limmex AG Emergency Watch to its offerings.

The watch acts as a personal security device and is offered as a monthly service independent of the G2i's smart home system

and interactive services. The watch adds a new dimension to G2i's security offerings, and

enriches the customer's peace of mind both in and out of the home.

The Emergency Watch is developed in Switzerland and is being manufactured in the heart of the

Swiss watch industry. While it looks like a sleek, sophisticated wristwatch, the device hides inside

of it a completely integrated mobile phone. With the push of a button the watch calls up family

members and/or friends according to a stored list of numbers. The watch keeps calling the

numbers in sequential order until the call is answered. Once the call is picked up, the wearer can

talk to the person on the other end via a 2-way voice speaker system.

In European markets, the watch has proven to be an easy and reliable personal security solution

for athletes, lone workers, outdoorsmen, children, single travelers, people with health problems,

as well as for elderly people and people living alone. G2i is excited to be among the first North

American service providers to offer the watch in the United States.

"This is an exciting addition to G2i because unlike other MPERS devices, this will work anywhere,

looks great, and allows the wearer to contact only friends or family members, if so desired. Many

people, when in need of assistance, are reluctant to notify a "call center stranger." Of course, a

monitored station can also be called, if preferred," said G2i Vice President of Sales and

Marketing, Jeff Zemanek.

The high level of innovation behind the Limmex Watch creates clear advantages and customer

benefits compared to other more conventional personal emergency systems. Foremost, the

watch is compelling in its simplicity: a single push of the button to request assistance. It needs

no installation and can be used anywhere, indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks to its elegant

design the emergency watch will not be recognized as an emergency device. This is important

for safety reasons and also because it allows the user to feel safe in any situation without

compromising on lifestyle or quality of life.

"The Limmex watch represents a total game changer for the personal emergency response

industry," said Paul Green, Limmex's Executive Vice President of the Americas. "Our Beautiful,

State-of-the-art Swiss made timepiece offers complete protection and 2-way voice

communication, essentially eliminating all stigmas associated with this segment. We are excited

about our launch and partnership with G2i."

The Emergency Watch will be available in November 2014. For more information, visit booth

#1378 at CEDIA Expo, or go online to, or

About G2i

G2i was founded with the intention of delivering state-of-the-art interactive home management

with a focus on customer satisfaction. G2i's platform provides you with a personalized system

that allows you to connect with your family, keep your home safe, and improve energy usage

and consumption - even when you are half a world away! G2i offers all the power and

functionality of traditional home automation and security systems, while providing the flexibility

and mobility of an innovative cloud-based platform - all in an affordable, premium package that

fits your lifestyle. Founded by veterans of the consumer electronic industry, G2i is a leader in

emerging technology, focused on delivering a great user experience and exceeding our

customers' expectations. 2014 G2i, Inc. G2i and all related titles and logos are trademarks of

G2i Inc. To learn more go to

About Limmex

Limmex AG develops, produces and markets solutions for personal safety. The emergency watch

couples the Swiss watchmaking tradition and an intelligent emergency call system. The company

is headquartered in Zurich, with the production in the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

Products, customer feedback, retail outlets and other information can be found on


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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